TrendMiner Unveils Improved SaaS Platform on Amazon Web Services  

It’s part of a strategic partnership with AWS to transform industrial analytics. 

We are thrilled to announce significant enhancements to our Software as a Service (SaaS) solution as part of its strategic partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). The latest version of its SaaS platform is just one of the ways TrendMiner provides a short time to value to improve operational performance. 

The TrendMiner SaaS platform democratizes advanced industrial analytics to operational experts, plant managers, and central data teams in the process manufacturing industry. By lowering upfront costs and accelerating global deployment, these strategic initiatives will change the way process manufacturers use their operational data to drive daily decision making. 

What is SaaS for TrendMiner? 

When it comes to flexibility, SaaS is the ideal deployment choice. In a SaaS deployment model, the TrendMiner platform is fully managed by us. Access is offered at a subscription rate. It lets companies reap the benefits of high-performance industrial analytics at the right scale, and with minimal IT overhead. Therefore, the solution works just as well for companies first starting out or those rapidly evolving on a global level. It also works regardless of whether time-series, contextual, and asset data is stored on premises or in the cloud. 

The SaaS package also includes our core values of Security by Design and Security by Default. Through its integration with an established Single Sign-On (SSO) provider, TrendMiner SaaS mirrors user privileges to provide the right level of data access to the right people at the right time. 

Improved SaaS Solution on AWS 

We have revamped our SaaS offering to include the latest best practices in deployment, runtime, and optimization strategies. Our SaaS solution leverages AWS’s robust capabilities to offer customers unparalleled levels of reliability, scalability, and security. It also provides a lower up-front cost for those companies just beginning to gain insights from operational data. 

Our partnership with AWS also makes it possible for us to provide operational insights to the process manufacturing industry through the industrial cloud. This collaboration redefines the standards of advanced industrial analytics by offering greater access to tangible insights on operational performance. 

“Our enhanced SaaS offering and strong partnership with AWS demonstrate our continued commitment to deliver a flexible platform for analyzing operational data. By leveraging the infrastructure on AWS, we are able to provide a scalable solution makes data-driven insights the core of daily decision making.” 

Rob Azevedo
Product Marketing Manager & Strategic Alliances

Introducing TrendMiner Connect 

TrendMiner Connect is a breakthrough in integration with operational data. It provides enhanced time-to-value and improved security on communication with plant integration servers without the need for a Virtual Private Network (VPN). The module, first available in TrendMiner 2023.R4, ensures secure and efficient data transfer to help streamline operations. 

Enhanced Support Experience 

Customers that choose the SaaS deployment option have access to all the latest capabilities offered by the TrendMiner platform without additional actions. They benefit from the latest innovations and generate value from their available data sources. Users will also enjoy a smooth support experience. Our support and SaaS teams monitor the systems for an optimal user experience and are readily available to help. 

Flexible Deployment Options

There are many deployment options, including on-premises or private cloud on the AWS Marketplace.  Start here to learn more.

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