TrendMiner recognized as Top 10 Predictive Analytics provider

by CIO Applications Magazine

Earlier this year a distinguished selection panel comprised of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts, and the editorial board of CIO Applications narrowed the final 10 providers of the most valuable predictive analytics solutions available, and among those 10 was TrendMiner!

Organizations fully embracing predictive analytics are able to continuously improve operational performances and contribute to their organizational objectives, such as reduction of carbon footprint and  waste, increasing product quality, and improving plant safety – all while improving overall profitability.

TrendMiner is committed to delivering the innovative software that helps the people in our industry succeed in their journey towards digital transformation. 

“Customers need help to understand the potential benefits of self-service advanced analytics. In the process, they find difficulties in calculating the achievable dollar value savings for building business cases or estimating ROI…Our Customer Success team helps clients in quantifying value; we monitor gained value and usage of the software. We start with solving day-to-day problems that are saving time for users and introducing step-by-step predictive analytics.”

Additional Information about TrendMiner & Predictive Analytics

  • Watch how Marc Pijpers of Sitech uses predictive industrial analytics to contextualize asset performance with process data and improve profitability.
  • Learn how Total used TrendMiner to predict future process evolution, the benefits this delivered, and why they expanded their use of TrendMiner across the entire Refining & Chemicals division.
  • Read more about how self-service predictive analytics can reduce downtime & help you avoid unnecessary risks in a recent article featured in Processing Magazine.

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