TrendMiner and Siemens Form Partnership

Alliance Will Drive Operational Performance and Achieve Sustainability Goals

  • The advanced industrial analytics software is now available in the Siemens SIMATIC PCS 7 product catalog as a preferred add-on for its process historian
  • TrendMiner is part of the Siemens Xcelerator Marketplace that supports industrial companies drive their digital transformation efforts

Houston Texas, Hasselt Belgium, and Darmstadt Germany—18 May 2023TrendMiner, a Software AG company, and Siemens AG are excited to announce their strategic partnership aimed at helping industrial companies achieve digitalization goals while maintaining a competitive advantage. 

TrendMiner is now a recommended solution for distributed process controller SIMATIC PCS 7 users. The software has been included in the PCS 7 product catalog as an official add-on for applying advanced analytics to time-series data in its process historian. The integration will soon be extended to support the analysis of batch data for a variety of operational improvements, such as cycle-time reduction and batch-quality optimization. The TrendMiner integration will also allow engineers to add batch data in the software’s ContextHub for deeper process insights.

Our partnership with Siemens has the potential to bring tremendous value to industrial customers who are looking for a turnkey solution to help them become data-inspired organizations. The combination of the advanced industrial analytics capabilities of TrendMiner with the PCS 7 process historian will help the market shift toward more sustainable operations.

By leveraging patented pattern recognition technology and machine learning techniques, TrendMiner empowers operational experts to analyze historical data for details that lead to improvements in performance and asset reliability. It also helps engineers determine the root cause of ongoing issues. Analytics-driven dashboards with live data enable informed decision-making and provide better oversight of production. 

The technology companies also have agreed that TrendMiner will be a go-to-market solution in the Siemens Xcelerator Marketplace. Xcelerator is an open digital business platform that enables process manufacturers to accelerate their digital transformation easier, faster, and at scale. Through this marketplace, Siemens will offer TrendMiner as a certified advanced analytics solution for the process manufacturing industry. 

About Siemens AG

Siemens is a global technology company that operates in multiple industries, including energy, healthcare, and transportation. Founded in Berlin in 1847, Siemens has grown into a multinational corporation with more than 300,000 employees worldwide. The company is committed to shaping the future through innovation and digitalization. It has made significant contributions to the development of cutting-edge technologies such as automation, artificial intelligence, and the internet of things (IoT). With a strong focus on sustainability and social responsibility, Siemens aims to create value for its customers, shareholders, and society.

Read the full press release here or download it as a PDF.

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