Achieve Enterprise Industrial Analytics with TrendMiner 2023.R4

Enhanced Reporting, Connectivity, and Cloud Support

The rapid adoption of artificial intelligence during the past year has renewed an interest in operational data. Industrial AI solutions, such as anomaly detection models, require the availability of high quality data to train models before they can be deployed and used for making operational decisions.

TrendMiner, a Software AG company, is making it easier for manufacturers to access the data they need for successful implementation of analytics and AI driven projects. In its 2023.R4 release, the advanced industrial analytics software is helping manufacturers accelerate their IT/OT convergence by simplifying the integration of data sources. It empowers manufacturers to improve their level of analytics maturity and advance on their digitalization journeys.

The latest version of the software builds on a year of improvements that extended support for cloud-based solutions and the added ability to visualize event and batch process data from Aspentech APRM.

Connect to More Data Sources

Factories have many types of data, and connecting to them can be time consuming. The latest release makes it easier for admins to connect to ODBC and JDBC data sources. They can specify details about time-series data and assign a source a tag. For contextual data, admins can add queries to extract the desired information from the data source.

The new Data Source Connection Wizard lets admins quickly add ODBC or JDBC data sources.

With easier connection to more data types, data becomes democratized to users who need it. Operational experts get a more complete view of operations and are better able to make data-driven decisions that lead to operational improvements.

“In the year’s final release, TrendMiner 2023.R4 builds upon advancements in time-series and event analytics by enhancing reporting, deployment, and connectivity possibilities. This update includes an improved SaaS offering and more versatile data source connectivity options, such as ODBC and JDBC for time-series, contextual, and asset data. These enhancements are designed to ensure a more comprehensive analysis and accelerate the time to value.”

Julian Pereira, TrendMiner’s Director of Products.

Introducing the Schedule Manager

Users can get more tailored reporting experiences with the new Schedule Manager. By configuring settings, admins can provide schedules that account for regional, seasonal, or geographical differences. The Schedule Manager builds on the global timeframe features first made available in TrendMiner 2023.R2.

The Schedule Manager can provide different schedules that fit roles, locations, or production situations. It also allows users to switch between schedules in their reports or dashboards to let the data reflect a predefined timeframe.

Custom Shift Schedule Manager

For example, a plant manager might want an overview of all plant schedules, while operators may want just the work schedule that applies to them. In another example, shift teams that want to do a morning meeting can select “Previous Shift” for an overview of overnight events.

Enhanced SaaS offering

The SaaS offering, built on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, uses the latest best practices in deployment, runtime, and optimization strategies. With the new TrendMiner Connect module, users also get enhanced time to value and improved security while communicating with plant integration servers without the need for a VPN.

More Application Improvements

  • Tag Dependencies—Improve accuracy of tag creation by browsing mapped variable definitions and adding related tags to the focus chart. Users will have more confidence while leveraging custom tags created by other users, as definitions of tags will be visible to all users from the Tag Builder menu.
  • Context Grid Actions Menu—Streamline the process of applying filters and copying field values in a ContextHub view through the new right-click menu.
  • Home Page—Add a custom image for the company’s logo or business unit. Admins also can now schedule expirations for custom messages to remove them after a planned event, maintenance, or outage has occurred.
  • Cached Asset Permissions—Browse and search context items with improved performance and optimized permissions checks.

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