TrendMiner 2023.R3 Delivers Actionable Insights for Proactive Monitoring

Updates make event-based condition monitoring a reality

TrendMiner is building on its 2023.R2 release to provide even deeper insights into operational events.

The latest version offers the option of displaying conditional formatting functionality of context-based views in a Gantt chart or grid display mode. Users can set different colors to represent the event’s status in either format, which gives them a greater awareness of operations. With these enhancements, operational experts are empowered to create proactive, actionable monitors. This expands their batch analytics and condition-monitoring capabilities and introduces reporting and monitoring quality limits.

Users can set different colors to represent an event’s status, which gives them a greater awareness of operations and allows them to create actionable monitors.

“The conditional coloring and the global time setting for dashboards are simply great! Especially the time options with default durations, custom (fixed, fixed start, custom period), and the previous/recent durations.”

Sören Hams, Heraeus Group

The software’s reporting capabilities are also enhanced with the new features. The user’s defined conditions are carried over to the reports, which further assists those who that might use TrendMiner for only a summarized view of operations or as a control room dashboard.

A user’s defined conditions are carried over to the reports, which can help those who just want a summarized view of operations.

Conditional coloring is provided in an easy, yet powerful package that has been enhanced to support the definition of rules based on multiple conditions.

Using complex formatting conditions, users can get a quicker view of process events.

“The enhanced flexibility in setting conditions for specific states represents a significant technological advancement, paving the way for proactive and actionable monitoring on the shop floor. With each update, we not only refine our user interface for greater coherence but also enhance intuitive usability. Our commitment continues to be to deliver a superior user experience that enables every member of our customers’ organizations to make the most informed, data-driven decisions.”

Julian Pereira, TrendMiner’s Director of Products

New Homepage Keeps Work Organized

The new homepage is designed to enhance user experience by providing quick access to recent items, favorites, and various forms of support. An option for administrators to promote a message to all users of TrendMiner has been added.

The new homepage view allows users to set favorite items and pick up where they left off the day before.

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