TrendMiner 2023.R2 Release:

Faster, Deeper Insights on Operational Events

  • Identify process events quickly with conditional formatting options for context analytics

  • Adjust the global timeframe on all dashboards to align process events with specific results for faster reporting across different views and assets

  • Visualize event and batch process data from Aspentech APRM to improve product quality

TrendMiner, a Software AG company, is offering greater flexibility in dashboarding and reporting features for even more operational insights as part of its overall user improvements in the latest 2023.R2 release.

With the newest version of the advanced industrial analytics software, operational experts can format tables of operational events in ContextHub to immediately see when the established parameters are outside predefined limits. This enhancement to TrendMiner’s monitoring and alerting capabilities helps engineers quickly identify anomalies that could interfere with production or lead to costly downtime. Furthermore, engineers now have greater control over reporting timeframes and can access and analyze data from more places.

These changes are designed to help users have a greater overview of operations and provide better, global access to data. They build on two improvements made earlier this year in TrendMiner’s 2023.R1 release: The inclusion of a digital process twin manager and direct access to major cloud data sources.

“Our latest enhancements to ContextHub and DashHub represent a significant step forward in making data analytics more intuitive, responsive, and interconnected. These updates reflect our relentless pursuit to provide the most comprehensive, user-friendly data analytics toolset on the market. We are excited to see how these features will enable our customers to drive greater efficiency and make more informed decisions in their daily operations,” said Julian Pereira, TrendMiner’s Director of Products.

Identify Outliers from Events Quickly

Each column in ContextHub now can be formatted individually or made dependent on another column value. Engineers can change the color of a cell in table view that allows them to quickly identify the type of event that is occurring. 

Multiple rules can be set on a specified column in the grid and can be reordered by dragging and dropping with the topmost rule bearing the highest priority. For example, background colors could be set to match binary conditions—such as being on or off specification—or change based on the severity of an event. 

2023.R2 Figure 1

Users now can change formatting on cells in ContextHub table view for quick identification of process activity.

Adjust Dashboard Timeframe for all Tiles

Sometimes, challenges arise in aligning reporting periods with specific results. The new global timeframe feature gives you the ability to modify the selected timeframes for all TrendHub and ContextHub view tiles in a dashboard. Common timeframes, such as “Yesterday” or “1-hour,” are available with a single click. Alternatively, users can select a custom timeframe for whatever is being monitored. Tiles with current values will remain the same.

2023.R2 Figure 2

To change the reporting time for all dashboard tiles, users can choose from a pre-selected timeframe or enter a custom range.

Connect to More Data Sources

With TrendMiner 2023.R2, users can access data from new data sources. The latest release includes the integration of contextual process data from Aspentech Production Record Manager. In combination with time series-data from Aspentech’s IP21 data source, this out-of-the-box connector will allow users to get an even richer, more detailed picture of their operations.

Learn more about all improvements in the new release

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