News: Total Refining & Chemicals selects TrendMiner

Total Refining & Chemical selects TrendMiner

Total has confirmed they are rolling out TrendMiner software within their refining and petrochemicals operations. TrendMiner predictive analytics software was selected by Total to facilitate self-service analytics and process performance optimization of its Refining & Chemicals segment.

Why Total Refining & Chemicals chose TrendMiner

Total’s Refining & Chemicals (R&C) division selected TrendMiner because of its the potential to increase productivity and plant availability based on easy data exploration and analytics. The roll-out follows successful pilots at the Total Antwerp Platform in Belgium. As a certified OEM partner of OSIsoft, the complementary advanced analytics capabilities of the TrendMiner software allowed Total Refining & Chemicals’ activities to leverage the data infrastructure of OSIsoft to deliver convincing results in improving the effectiveness of its overall equipment.

“We are very pleased with the results which have been demonstrated,” said Bert Baeck, CEO and Founder of TrendMiner. “Total is a forward-thinking industry leader and a pioneer in using TrendMiner at a large scale; we hope that their example will inspire others to adopt a self-service approach to industrial process analytics.”

“TrendMiner is a user-friendly self-service analytics tool that provides us with tremendous time savings. This tool not only saves us time, it delivers better quality results than data models,” said Fabrice Leclercq, Rotating Machinery Engineer TOTAL Refining & Chemicals.

“TrendMiner is built by chemical engineers who have been in the field and know exactly which kind of analyses must be dealt with on a daily basis.”

Improving operational excellence

With TrendMiner, process and mechanical engineers and operators can more easily identify trends in their processes, look for similar trends in the past, fingerprint operating windows, monitor behavior, send notifications to engineering or control room staff and predict deviations in live processes. Immediate access to actionable data analytics insights drive efficiency and contribute to Total’s Refining & Chemicals’ equipment effectiveness. The transparency, efficiency and ease of use offered by the self-service analytics solution were key factors in the selection of TrendMiner.

“TrendMiner was born to empower the system matter experts of the industry. Process engineers, technologists, run engineers or operators… Thanks to TrendMiner, they can unlock the power of the industrial data for their day-to-day questions.”

Plans for future growth

As a fast-growing organization, TrendMiner has ambitious plans for expansion. During the course of 2017, the company expects to accelerate its expansion again to become the global category leader in the self-service analytics market.

About Total Refining & Chemicals

Total is a global integrated energy producer and provider. Total Refining & Chemicals segment transforms crude oil and natural gas into fuels and polymers. Total is one of the world’s ten largest integrated producers. Total refining and petrochemicals operations transform crude oil and natural gas into finished products or intermediates, which are then used to manufacture chemicals. The Total refining and petrochemicals division spans countries including Belgium, France, the United States, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Qatar.


Watch the Total video

How Total uses TrendMiner – watch the video

Fabrice Leclerq of Total Refining & Chemicals recently did a presentation on how Total uses self-service analytics to improve overall equipment effectiveness. In this 30 minute session, he explains why Total chose TrendMiner as part of their digital roadmap, the results and benefits of the pilots, and why Total plans to expand it’s use of the software.

The recording of this session is now available for you to watch on demand.