Featured Upcoming Webinar

The Future Factory: How to Future-Proof Your Operations

Wed, Oct 14, 2020

90% of manufacturing companies believe that digitization offers more opportunities than risks (PWC Digital Factories, 2020). What should factories think about in order to be successful and “future-proof” in the long term?

In this session, Lee-Bath Nelson (LEO Lane) and Thomas Dhollander (TrendMiner) will discuss trends and phenomena in contemporary manufacturing. They will focus on topics including the evolution of digital supply chains, additive manufacturing, and big data. These topics – and more – can help inspire you to build a future-proof strategy for your operations.


  • Welcome & Introduction: 5 minutes
  • Additive manufacturing with Lee-Bath Nelson (LEO Lane): 15 minutes
  • Big data in manufacturing with Thomas Dhollander (TrendMiner): 15 minutes
  • Roundtable panel: 15 minutes – Q&A: 10 minutes

Expert speakers:

  • Dr. Lee-Bath Nelson (Co-Founder and VP Business at LEO Lane): Lee-Bath founded LEO Lane to empower industrial manufacturers to securely and consistently manage additive manufacturing – anywhere, any time.
  • Thomas Dhollander (CTO & Co-Founder at TrendMiner): Productivity and industrial data analytics walk hand in hand. Thomas is passionate about big data that improves the operational performance of batch, grade, and continuous manufacturing processes.

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