Exchange that makes the difference

June 8-9, 2021

Looking for access to Software AG product roadmaps, best practices and industry insights? Want the ear of our presidents? Need intel from the people with real, hands-on expertise—your peers?

There’s a reason that our IUG Conference attracts more and more users every year: they can learn from each other and discuss what’s next in the industry. But it’s not something we can do alone. It requires a vibrant community to provide perspective and push the limits of what’s possible with our products.

Over the course of two days, IUG Conference 2021 will offer flexible sessions schedules so that you don’t miss a thing. Now, no matter where you are in the world, there’s a live user group meetup for you, a general session that suits and cross-regional networking to be done. Get the most out of belonging to a living online community.

Don’t miss TrendMiner partner deBarr present case studies for the Electric Power Sector.

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