Covestro and TrendMiner

Leveraging OSIsoft PI to the max with industrial analytics

Time to watch: 25 minutes

Covestro is a leading chemical company that produces polyurethanes, polycarbonates and specialty chemicals. Their key production goals are to achieve sustainable growth, efficiency and continuous innovation to deliver competitive costs.

In this live presentation from the OSIsoft User Conference 2017 in London, Tim Timmermans discusses the industrial analytics journey of Covestro Antwerp. He shares a variety of practical use cases including: golden batch fingerprinting, hypothesis testing, root case analysis for bad product quality and loss accounting. Watch this presentation to learn how Covestro used self-service analytics to:

  1. Improve production control
  2. Reduce operational costs
  3. Reduce emissions and energy consumption
  4. Increase production efficiency
  5. And enhance knowledge capture
Covestro video