Plant Managers – Slam Dunk Your Industrial Manufacturing Process with Advanced Analytics

Now more than any time in history, industrial manufacturing excellence is imperative. Every asset and everyone involved in the process must be working at optimal level, especially plant managers, to obtain this goal. Plant managers need to know their factories, their processes, and their people and by doing so lead their team and their plants to excellence. They must understand and use the resources available which includes one of the most valuable plant resources: the plant data. Plant managers can slam dunk their industrial manufacturing process with industrial analytics: transform data into intelligence and know-how. Just envision this!

What a Plant Manager Actually Does

As you already know – but if you don’t you can probably guess, plant managers have extremely crucial and difficult jobs. They are responsible for the overall daily operation of the plant which incorporates the management of personnel, assets, and the processes. Their responsibilities include coordinating daily activities and shift turnovers; maintaining tooling, production output, and product quality; making sure that operations and productions adhere to company and government procedures and policies; solving production issues quickly and effectively; and accomplishing a hundred other smaller tasks on a daily basis.

Basically, what a plant manager does is oversee the plant and make the decisions that maximize their operations. Their goal? To reach manufacturing excellence on a daily basis.

Use All Available Resources to Maximize Plant Productions

Plant managers need to use all the resources at their disposal to be successful: human skills, expertise and experience, data, and technology. And commonly, highly specialized data scientists are needed to make sense of the plant data and then relay information to the managers. This work chain is often time-consuming and can be frustrating as the data scientists do not have the necessary process expertise to interpret the answers. This can create data silos, and also it doesn’t use the full expertise of the subject matter experts who, with their process knowledge and experience, understand what the data means. Now, managers can more effectively and efficiently get information from process data by using technological tools such as a self-service industrial analytics software. So what is this software and what does it do?

Self-Service Analytics – What It Can Do

A self-service analytics platform is designed to be used by plant managers and process experts to analyze the data themselves. They do not need to ask data scientists to look at the data. This process manufacturing software allows plant managers and personnel at different levels to solve problems and even uncover problems or situations they did not know about. Moreover, by looking at the historical performance data, the software can predict likely times of failure. Personnel can anticipate failure and take action before breakage or prepare for failure and be ready for replacement. All this capability increases safety and minimizes downtime. Significant savings can also be realized as personnel can identify root causes of problems and make adjustments to ensure maximum plant operation.

Additionally, with the insights a self-service analytics tool provides, plant managers can optimize strategic planning and decisions for both short and long term operation. They will be able to continually improve the process – an imperative in today’s economic situation. This software also helps plant personnel work together. Plant managers and their team can corroborate, discuss issues, share ideas, and provide contextualized process information captured in various business applications for the whole team to access. The outcome is an incredibly well-functioning team that can realize plant maximization.

Transform Factory Data into Intelligence and Know-How

By using a self-service analytics software in a manufacturing process, plant managers can make sense of the factory data in order to make informed intelligent decisions. They can involve personnel at all levels of the factory to use this software to contribute to solving problems and making better decisions.

The positive outcomes of using such a tool are:

  • increased efficiency, flexibility, safety, and energy measurement
  • predicative maintenance
  • waste and downtime reduction
  • and ultimately much greater profitability

Personnel at all factory levels can then continually improve their expertise and skills. This in turn leads to insights to improve the manufacturing process.

Plant Managers – What Are You Waiting For?

One of the greatest basketball players of all time, Michael Jordan, knew the value of his team, teamwork, and intelligent strategic thinking. Jordan famously said, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”

Plant managers can follow his lead. By using a self-service industrial analytics tool, plant managers and their team can transform factory data into intelligence and know-how thus winning the industrial processing championship – they can reach team and process excellence. Plant managers – what are you waiting for? Now’s the time to slam dunk your industrial manufacturing process with industrial analytics!

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