TrendMiner wins Product of the Year 2021 by Oil & Gas Engineering magazine

product of the year 2021 - oil engineering

We’re thrilled to announce that TrendMiner 2021.R2 has won the Oil & Gas Engineering’s 2021 Product of the Year Award in the Advanced Analytics Software category.

The Product of the Year program is the premier award for new products in the oil and gas industry. This reader-choice program provides Oil & Gas Engineering’s audience with information about the top new products in their fields.

TrendMiner 2021.R2 extends the reach of previously released notebook integration, allowing users to make their data model outputs available to the rest of the organization, giving operational experts better insights. It also allows self-service integration via, enabling contextual process information from other business applications to be taken into account, and workflows in external systems to be triggered through the new multi-variate Anomaly Detection Model, which allows optimal process conditions to be trained on historical data and to detect anomalies.

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