TrendMiner Teams with GE Digital to Bring Advanced Process Analytics to the Energy Industry 

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 17, 2022—TrendMiner, a Software AG company, is pleased to announce that it has joined forces with GE Digital to place data-driven decision making in the hands of operational experts working in the energy industry.

The advanced analytics solution enriches GE Digital’s robust suite of Asset Performance Management (AMP) software. It helps complete the portfolio of one of the world’s largest energy software companies to provide a full overview of operations for process experts. Companies have achieved great success with TrendMiner throughout the energy industry, including use cases for operational improvements in oil and gas; metals and mining; and petrochemicals. 

“The addition of TrendMiner’s process analytics capabilities will allow us to provide customers with full awareness of their operations at the asset, plant, fleet, and enterprise level. As companies adapt to shifting demands for products and calls for increased efficiency and lower emissions, it is critical that companies have a holistic picture of their data and, most importantly, that the data drives action. We look forward to sharing these new capabilities with our customers and seeing them produce improved business outcomes.” 

TrendMiner empowers process experts to analyze time-series and contextual data without the help of a data scientist. It helps process experts work together with data science teams in the platforms machine learning environment, where more use cases can be tackled, and a true collaboration can be fostered. 


“Strategic partnerships enable organizations to bring the best of their strengths and talent forward to the benefit of their customers. Combining GE Digital’s strengths in optimizing asset performance and TrendMiner’s strengths in providing capabilities to analyze, monitor, and predict process behavior enables manufacturing companies to continuously improve their overall operational performance.” 

The software provides operational experts with a user-friendly application that helps democratize data throughout the organization. Search, diagnostic, and predictive capabilities allow users to speed up root cause analysis, define optimal processes, and configure early warnings to monitor production 24/7. The outcome is an increased quality and velocity in decision making to help drive business outcomes and increase overall profitability. 

Visit TrendMiner’s Partners page to learn more about its commitment to delivering solutions that work. Click here for the full announcement by GE Digital. 

See how TrendMiner can help the energy industry optimize operations.

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