Industries Accelerate Sustainability Goals with Advanced Analytics

  • Industrial manufacturers successfully find ways  to optimize operational efficiency within sensor-generated data
  • Times-series data can be used to make a variety of operational improvements, such as water and wastewater management, energy transitions, and predictive maintenance schedules
  • Upcoming live webinar events will demonstrate how engineers can use TrendMiner to find areas for sustainability improvements  in their plants

With the help of self-service advanced analytics, engineers are finding a wealth of possibilities to improve operations and accelerate their organization’s sustainability goals.

The advanced analytics solution by TrendMiner, a Software AG company, can be used to evaluate time-series data generated by manufacturing processes. Many customers, such as chemical company LANXESS,  have experienced great success using the solution to improve sustainability initiatives.

“Digitalization is more than just a tool for achieving climate-neutral production; it could be a complete game changer,” said Jörg Hellwig, chief digital officer at LANXESS. “TrendMiner provides a way to lower CO2 emissions and their equivalents, thereby protecting the climate, all while optimizing productivity.”

Now, TrendMiner is bringing customer experience and inspirational use cases to a wider market through a range of themed webinars.

“We want companies to think of TrendMiner as a technology partner that develops solutions to meet pressing environmental challenges,” said Joan Van De Wettering, general manager of TrendMiner. “Advanced analytics gives a plethora of possibilities to achieve environmental, social, and governance-related goals. ”

Opportunities for sustainable improvements include reducing emissions, preventing water pollution, improving energy efficiency, and increasing asset reliability while maintaining overall profitability. Process experts can use advanced analytics to establish predictive maintenance schedules, set up energy management dashboards, optimize a conveyor belt, report for environmental regulatory compliance, forecast water demand with machine learning, and create anomaly detection models in an energy grid.

Process experts who want to learn how they can accelerate sustainability goals can take advantage of three webinar series that TrendMiner will offer from mid-July to October. The series will feature four live webinars each on water and energy improvements. Later this year, the software company will host two similar webinars on data science. Process engineers and controllers, plant managers, operations managers, Industry 4.0 leaders, and operational digital managers are encouraged to attend.

Further Information

Click here to view the official press release. For more details about becoming a sustainable organization, visit Software AG’s Sustainability Solution page.

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