No Matter Your Plant’s Status – Shut Down, Pivoted, or Scaled Up – TrendMiner Allows You to Work Remotely

Key Points:

  • If your plant is shut down, with TrendMiner, experts working at home can use this time to study historical plant data, and they can collaborate with team members to better understand and improve plant operations.
  • If your plant has pivoted its production, experts can use TrendMiner to quickly solve problems and bring processes up to optimal functioning.
  • If your plant has continued its processes, experts can use TrendMiner to scale up plant productions working remotely or adhering to work-distance guidelines.

How’s productivity while working remotely?

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Our reality at this very moment is the Covid-19 pandemic. People around the world are scrambling to adopt or adjust strategies to keep their businesses and plants running while securing the health and safety of their employees. But how? How to work remotely and maintain industrial plant and employee productivity? For these processes, this situation is especially challenging. If your manufacturing plant has pivoted or scaled up operations, personnel need to remotely monitor and control complicated processes 24/7. If your manufacturing plant has shut down, personnel, especially subject matter experts, need to remain productive.

The pandemic has brought about three main industrial plant statuses: shut downs, pivoted productions, and continued but scaled-up operations. In order to safeguard the health and well-being of its workers and reduce the spread of the virus, plants manufacturing non-essential products have shut down for a specified period of time. However, some plants have pivoted their productions to make essential goods, for example those supplies needed for virus safety, testing, and medical purposes. The third group, continued but scaled-up operations, are the factories that are ramping up production due to increased demand. The market has shifted, so plants need to produce more with less waste. And believe it or not, there is a silver lining here: TrendMiner’s self-service analytics software can help you use (leverage) your data to maintain plant and employee productivity, no matter your plant’s status.

A Bit of Background                               

Just a bit of background in case you don’t know about our company and our software, both of which are referred to as TrendMiner. We are a software company that provides self-service analytics for the process industry. (Simply put, analytics is making sense of a plant’s big data to gain insight into its processes). TrendMiner was created by engineers who saw the need for specialized analytics that could be used by plant experts without requiring the help of data scientists to interpret data. Our software is based on advanced search technology built with pattern recognition and machine learning. It helps users leverage their plant’s data to analyze and monitor processes, to predict and contextualize the causes of performance problems, and also to resolve these issues.

TrendMiner’s user interface was developed with modern design principles. Its state-of-the-art HTML5 simple web interface requires no additional installation on desktops or laptops allowing users around the globe to connect and benefit from each other’s expertise. With our software, users working remotely can easily collaborate to solve process performance issues, share and discuss their work, and make use of findings at other sites. Search settings and filters can be saved and shared with other process experts. Because it is web-based, users can complete analyses anywhere in the world and act on provided notifications. Moreover, analytics-driven dashboards created by TrendMiner allow for the flow of information between all levels of the operation providing live process and historical analysis views for company sites around the globe.

Has Your Plant Shut Down?

Here’s How to Benefit During This Time

When your plant is running, engineers may have limited time to look at the data let alone study it. They manage the operations which requires their full attention and time. With your plant shut down, engineers now have the time to analyze the plant’s performance and efficiency by studying its data.

TrendMiner will allow plant experts to view stored historical data not only to analyze processes, detect inefficiencies, and resolve issues but also to improve operations. These experts can view the data, contextualize it (add information about the operating conditions at the time the data was captured), add comments, start discussions with other specialists in the organization, and even attach files for further clarification and instructions for issue resolutions. They can create and share complete overviews of the performances of production processes. Your experts can diligently work from home and at the same time collaborate with other team members at different locations to brainstorm and discuss ideas to improve plant operations. Thus, the whole team can leverage data to maximize manufacturing processes.

Has Your Plant Pivoted Production?

Here’s How to Solve Problems and Achieve Optimal Production

Some companies have switched productions to manufacture supplies needed for the Covid-19 pandemic. If this is your case, you need TrendMiner. And here’s why.

Our software lets your team turn historical process data into actionable information to monitor and control the new production processes, solve problems, optimize equipment effectiveness and performance, and reduce waste. Your will need to solve issues quickly, and with TrendMiner, process experts can leverage your plant’s data to easily search for trends and question process data directly – without help from a data scientist. Our software lets your team work remotely and collaborate with team members at different locations around the world. As a result, your plant can quickly get up to optimal functioning for the new pivoted productions.

Has Your Plant Continued Operations?

Here’s How to Scale Up

If your plant has continued operating, it’s probably ramping up production. Due to market shifts, plants need to produce more with less waste to meet increased demands. And if this is true, then you are dealing with the compounded challenges associated with scaling up. Again, TrendMiner can help you. Using our software, process and asset experts can leverage data to:

  • Determine causes for unsolved problems, such as identifying the root causes of performance drops.
  • Test and verify the validity of a hypothesis, so it can be addressed or ruled out.
  • Use insights obtained from data to improve performance.
  • Use actionable dashboards to monitor operational performance in real-time.
  • Use contextual information from third party business applications to gain additional awareness into operational performance.

And all of this can be done remotely or at least done adhering to work-distancing guidelines. With our software, users can team up to discuss and solve process issues and then share this information with colleagues where ever they may be working.

And you’re not alone; TrendMiner’s customer success team is ready to help. You will benefit from our established and successful customer support offerings as well as our revisited and further perfected remote customer support offerings.  We’ve been actively investing time and resources to better help our customers in this challenging time as we realize that remote working and remote customer support services might become more of a new normal.

Supporting You in A Changed World

Our customer success team is right with you, providing top-notch support and fast answers to your questions. We offer many different services with the goal to find the best setup that delivers the best outcome at any time our customers need it.

For new customers, we have a full remote on-boarding plan that, just like the in-person variant, is aimed at delivering value from the get-go. We blend elements of self-paced learning, such as videos, pop quizzes, and practical exercises, with virtual classroom training provided with the personal touch and expertise of our data analytics engineers.

For longer-term customers, refresher and advanced training is available. It is particularly important to keep the knowledge level, in particular for larger companies with engineers in a rotation program. As a tool, TrendMiner assists with maintaining this level through knowledge capture and sharing.

Individual learning is also possible. Every month, we run live Virtual Instructor Lead Trainings (VILT’s) that zoom in on specific topics. We’ve been offering these VILT’s for a couple of years now and have seen remarkable adoption from our user base.

Finally, our data analytics engineers are always available to help users in a one-on-one setting. The barrier is low as we offer a variety of ways for customers to reach out to us like the easy in-application chat that allows a user to directly link up with our experts. From there, it’s easy to jump on a remote call for the needed assistance, whether for a small question or for a complicated use case question.

Most certainly, these are trying times, but there is a tool and a team to see you through: TrendMiner’s software and customer success team. No matter your plant status, we’ve got your back.

For TrendMiner Details and Customer Support

Have specific questions about our software or want to talk to someone in our customer success team? Drop us a line. You’ll get all of the information you need about using our software to work remotely and sustain your plant’s personnel and process productivity.

Now is the time to leverage your plant’s data. Now is the time for TrendMiner.

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