Live Webinar

Current Issues in Industrial Analytics

Predictive quality case study; technology and market overview

Thur, Jul 15, 2021 | 1 PM CT

Join this free webinar hosted by CFE Media (Plant, Control, and Oil & Gas Engineering Magazine) featuring TrendMiner customer Mike Malone from Toray Plastics America

Industrial analytics are used to identify and recognize machine operational and behavior patterns, make fast and accurate predictions and empower confident decision making, according to the Industrial Internet Consortium.

In this webcast they’ll review a predictive quality and process optimization use case involving TrendMiner customer and plastics fabrication company, Toray Plastics America. Mike Malone, Principal Process Engineer, streamlined access to blending components data contextualized with process data.

Using IIoT sensors and industrial analytics, Toray monitors film temperatures, polymer pressures, and machine feeds and contextualizes mixing and blending data. Visualizations and alerts make digesting the resulting information intuitive.

To date, only a small percentage of industrial companies incorporate machine data in their analytics process for decision support and intelligent operations. That’s bound to change, said a recent report from senior analyst Blake Griffin of Interact Analysis, especially when it comes to motor-driven systems and rotating equipment, with cloud-based maintenance service packages using a SaaS business model.

In this webcast’s two presentations you’ll get:

  1. Practical, technically nuanced information on how to get started with industrial analytics
  2. Typical elements of an industrial analytics solution
  3. Evaluate market and technology updates

Mike Malone graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 1995 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He started his process engineering career at Toray Plastics just a few weeks later and has been improving up-rate and yield while reducing waste and costs for the company ever since. TrendMiner has been helping the Toray team unlock the power of data analytics since 2018. When Mike is not troubleshooting the manufacturing processes and analyzing trend data, he enjoys bike riding, astronomy, and spending time with his wife, family and friends.