Predictive Asset Analytics Online 2020

Dec 9, 2020

Unlock Value. Boost Efficiency. Reduce Downtime.

Drive Operational Excellence.

At a time when the oil and gas industry faces more uncertainty than ever before, data is your most valuable asset. Predictive and prescriptive asset analytics allow you not only improve asset productivity – but better understand your business. By leveraging IoT and AI, you can see what’s happening, what has happened, and what is likely to happen, allowing you to enhance safety, reduce costs and increase efficiency.

Yet while some oil and gas businesses are taking advantage of predictive analytics technology in some form – most are not capturing the significant value it offers.

Join over 500 oil and gas leaders on December 9th for Predictive Asset Analytics in Oil & Gas and learn how to:

  • Integrate your enterprise asset management and predictive maintenance strategies
  • Analyse sensor data and use ML to flag suboptimal operations and identify impending failures before they occur
  • Automate data collection, cleansing and analysis
  • Unlock your operational data and make it accessible when and where your frontline people need it
  • Leverage predictive analytics to create rich dashboards and enable asset-centric visualization and condition-based maintenance
  • Increase the production value of your assets
  • Maximize (and retain) the knowledge of your workforce

This event is 100% free to attend- register today!

Don’t miss the TrendMiner presentation during the event on Day 1:

Wed, Dec 9  |  9:45 ET   

Making your Operations More Predictive: Integrating Your Asset Management and Predictive Maintenance Strategies