IChemE Process Management Webinar:

Reduce your Carbon Footprint with Self-Service Advanced Analytics

Feb 11, 2021 | 15:00 GMT

The chemical industry is on the path to net-zero operations due to environmental pressure. Big data offers great potential to come to new solutions. Different technologies and capital projects to decarbonise chemical productions are more and more common but a big chunk of the benefits can be gained by utilising the already collected sensor-generated time-series data.

By enabling operational experts with analytics, the largest number of improvements to operational performance can be gained.

In this presentation we will discuss:

  • the changing analytics landscape
  • how pattern recognition and machine learning helps engineers quickly analyse operational performances
  • use cases that demonstrate how leveraging data and advanced analytics accelerates the transition towards net-zero operations
  • benefits of empowering all operational experts for making analytics driven decisions for contributing to the company goals.

The webinar is specifically of interest to plant managers and process engineers who want to know how they can improve performance. The practical use cases shown in the webinar help them better understand why democratization of analytics can help accelerate reduction of their organization’s carbon footprint.

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