Global ManuChem 2021

Chemical Manufacturing Excellence in the Digital Age

July 01-02, 2021

About the Hybrid Event

Hybrid 2021 – Both live in Berlin and online via their digital event platform hubs101, the leading chemical manufacturing event that brings together more than 250+ top decision-makers from manufacturing, supply chain, and engineering in the chemical industry is back for their 10th year. Join now and discuss process optimization, digital manufacturing and excellence strategies with your industry peers.

Key Topics for 2021

  • Enabling data across manufacturing operation sites & footprint optimization
  • Creating detailed digital twins of plants down to cables and fire extinguishers
  • Integrated Asset Lifecycle Data Management
  • Modular Plant Technology and Metal 3D-Printing
  • Digital Capability & Feasibility Assessments of Sites
  • Aligning engineering and maintenance processes in a global context –Legal, local, and organizational requirements
  • Data-Driven PHM Applications for Oil & Gas Industry
  • Value oriented and future Maintenance in the chemical industry
  • Shift communication and collaboration to improve safety, productivity, quality and agility
  • Plant Debottlenecking based on a 3 pillars methodology
  • Production surveillance, process optimization, production allocation, and forecasting.

TrendMiner is proud to return as a presenter, stay tuned for more details!

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