Global ManuChem 2020 Online

Chemical Manufacturing Excellence in the Digital Age

June 29-30, 2020

About the Digital Event

Global ManuChem is well into their 9th year already – and this year 100% Digital & Virtual! The annual Global ManuChem 2020 FROM HOME is coming back as the leading event for manufacturers in the chemical industry. It brings together over 250+ manufacturing, supply chain & engineering leaders who are responsible for process optimization, digital manufacturing and excellence strategies in their companies. Exchange your knowledge, share your insights and strengthen your capabilities in a unique interactive event format to be prepared for changing markets, disruptive technologies and increasing demands in the chemical industry – this year 100% online.

From commodities to specialty chemicals, from petrochemical to oil & gas; from production and engineering experts to performance & planning management and SCM executives. Whatever hat you wear or wherever you stand on the spectrum of chemical manufacturing, the Global ManuChem Strategies FROM HOME has something of interest for you.

Don’t miss our session on Day 2

Tuesday June 30 at 11:30 AM CEST  | Solution Study: “How to Embed Industrial Analytics into your organization?

Many companies are already making data and analytics available to their operational experts to help their production facilities continuously improve performance and increase sustainable profitability. They are launching digitalization initiatives with the goal of becoming a (digital) leader in the industry. Successful initiatives have proven to start with digitalizing the production facilities and by empowering the process experts with industrial data analytics software.

To make analytics-driven decision-making possible at scale in an organization, the data needs to be available, accessible and digestible for the users. Next and more importantly, the operational experts need to be willing to adapt a new way of working. Based on years of experience and many successful digital transformation projects related to industrial analytics, Jeroen Dewolf of TrendMiner will discuss specific topics to make your journey a success. To help you embed industrial analytics into your organization and become the digital leader in your industry, Jeroen will share his experience about the following topics:

  • How to create value from industrial analytics
  • Challenges for (global) usage of industrial analytics
  • Enabling your teams to grow their analytics maturity
  • Success factors for global adoption of industrial analytics
  • Concept of Success

About the Speaker

Jeroen de Wolf

Jeroen joined TrendMiner (a Software AG company) in 2014, and is responsible for some major global companies in his role as Account Executive. His drive is to add more business value through advanced analytics solutions to the operations of his customers by showing how self-service advanced analytics can help to achieve operational excellence. In his consultative sales approach, he helps his customers to grow an analytics organization. Jeroen has a Master in Chemical Engineering from the University of Leuven in Belgium.