Customer Success for the Asian Pacific and Japanese Regions

TrendMiner adds new regional dedicated points of contact as they continue expanding

Customer Success

In its mission to democratize data throughout the world, TrendMiner is pleased to announce the expansion of our Customer Success (CS) team to the Asian Pacific and Japanese regions.

The new Asian Pacific and Japan (APJ) region will give customers in that part of the world a dedicated point of contact that fits their region and time zone.

“As presented earlier this quarter during the TrendLab 2021 keynote, we are extremely proud to announce our official expansion into APJ,” said Frederick Motte, Global Head of Customer Success. “After supporting several customers remotely through the years, we have now established a local Customer Success team to help customers and partners in the region drive sustainable value by democratizing analytics. What’s even better, they have hit the ground running and have already commenced onboarding new customers.”

Leading the Team

With the expansion come three new faces to TrendMiner from its parent company, Software AG. Praneet Thakur, who is based in Australia, will be the team’s Customer Success Manager.


Praneet Thakur

“One of the biggest challenges customers face, especially with IoT projects, is the complex ecosystem involved along with market and technical maturity,” said Thakur. “I believe the Customer Success program has the right setup to help customers overcome those challenges and make their evaluation, adoption, and value journey a success.

“I am passionate about understanding different business strategies, related challenges, and working with customers on solutions,” he said. “That’s where I see how the Customer Success program enables and empowers me to closely work with customers as a trusted advisor and contribute to their success.”

Thakur has 16 years of professional experience with a strong combination of industry knowledge, technical skills, and business acumen. For more than six years, Thakur’s key areas of focus have been Internet of Things (IoT), analytics, and digital transformation. He has contributed in the past to clients’ success in a variety of verticals through strategies, planning, architecture, design, and delivery roles.

“I have experience working with C-suites and senior executives in an advisory capacity helping them defining strategies and create a roadmap,” the new APJ CS Manager said. “I’ve used my strong technical skills to help clients to bridge business initiatives with technology solutions.”

Thakur said he is looking forward to meeting customers, understanding different businesses, and helping them make their journey with TrendMiner a success.

Technical Support

TrendMiner also has added two Technical Support Engineers to its new APJ region. Neha Bhargava and Bharath Reddy will work in these roles from Malaysia.

Bhargava and Reddy might operate mainly behind the scenes, but they are ready to answer technical questions that come from our customers, through all supported channels. Both have strong previous experience in the Industrial IoT domain.


Neha Bhargava

Bharath Reddy

Successful Solutions

The TrendMiner Customer Success team is dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers and helping them achieve success with analytics. Many of our CS team members have backgrounds in chemical engineering and/or have worked at chemical plants. The CS team supports companies throughout their TrendMiner journey, from planning and executing a first pilot project and onboarding users to maximizing return through increasing analytics experience.

The CS team will work with companies through their digitalization transition to unlock the value in their data and transform it into the analytics-based intelligence they need to maximize profitability.

In the APJ region? Reach out to our new Customer Success team!