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CGI and TrendMiner webinar on Self Service Analytics in Manufacturing

December 16, 2020 | 16:00 CET

Are you also continuously seeking for opportunities to improve your manufacturing processes? 

This webinar is part of a series of ‘meeting the expert’ sessions, showcasing and sharing industry expertise and solutions you can work with to optimize everyday operations. Please share this invite amongst your team to those relevant and available to join the discussions online.

CGI Client Global Insights reveal 87% of manufacturing executives identify data and predictive analytics as their top investment priority. An insight-led approach can typically support double-digit savings in yield, throughput, quality, OEE, energy, waste management and maintenance. Specifically, process analytics is instrumental in advancing a company’s digital transformation, and in delivering critical decision-making data during challenging times. Process experts now can be empowered with advanced analytics for performance analysis, asset diagnostics and real-time monitoring.

Learn more meeting the experts in this CGI-hosted webinar on Self Service Analytics. Together we will share key insights from trends and developments across the industry. We’ll illustrate how self-service analytics can be used effectively.

You’ll see how production data can be analyzed, root causes can be found to avoid process anomalies in the future, and even how the data can be used to optimize process performance.

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CGI believes harnessing data will provide manufacturers with powerful insights into the end-to-end production flow across their ecosystem of partners, and is a critical component of an automated agile production supply chain. Access to real-time data, creating insights where relevant, is key.

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