Manufacturers Discuss How to Make Sustainable Decisions

Sustainable Manufacturing

Chemical manufacturing leaders recently gathered to discuss a hot topic this year: how to make sustainable decisions by empowering engineers.

After going virtual for 2021, The Global ManuChem Strategies of 2022 was held March 13-15 in Berlin. More than 150 industry experts from companies in production, engineering, and the supply chain attended this year’s hybrid event.

Nearly three dozen speakers touched on the topics of empowering engineers, increasing sustainability, or both. According to Deloitte, sustainability will be a critical focus area for most U.S. chemical companies this year. They are expected to increase their investment in research and development, as well as recycling technologies, to decrease their carbon footprint. Industries also are expected to create goals for emissions abatement and waste monetization.

At Manuchem, Peter Kemmerling with Cabot Aerogel presented, “How to Connect the Dots Within Production Processes to Create a Successful Environment.” Others gave presentations on digitalization’s role in net-zero production, operational improvements that reduce carbon footprint, bringing digitalization to everyone in the company, and achieving excellence in a digital transformation.

The entire list of speakers and topics can be found on the event’s agenda.

How to Make Sustainable Decisions: The LANXESS Story

LANXESS is a leading specialty company with nearly 15,000 employees in 33 countries. Its core business is in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of chemical intermediates, additives, specialty chemicals, and plastics.


During ManuChem, TrendMiner’s Lukas Pansegrau talked about the digitalization initiative at LANXESS. His topic, “How Advanced Analytics Contributes to Corporate Strategy,” focused on the ways in which LANXESS has empowered engineers to embrace data-driven decision making.

The company has rolled out TrendMiner to two-thirds of its plants worldwide.

“The use of data analytics tools in production is a clear business case,” said Jörg Hellwig, Chief Digital Officer at LANXESS. “Tests with TrendMiner have proven this. With the successful roll-out, LANXESS is now leveraging the optimization potential throughout the Group.”

In some cases, LANXESS realized six-figure euro amounts through optimized efficiency and reduced maintenance costs. Read more about TrendMiner’s role at LANXESS on its corporate website.

How to Make Sustainable Decisions: Become Data-Driven

Increasing sustainability and empowering engineers have become more than buzzwords. They’ve become the mantra for organizations who are embracing the power of self-service advanced analytics to make data-driven decisions.

When engineers are empowered to make decisions about their processes, they contribute directly to an organization’s sustainability goals and improve the overall bottom line.

As the themes top this year’s industry events, TrendMiner will be there to help guide organizations along their digitalization journey. Learn more about upcoming events from TrendMiner’s Events & Webinars page.

Ready to learn more about how to become data-driven? Check out this webinar.

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