Game Changer & TrendMiner: Two Words Synonymous with Customer Success 

Well technically it’s three…But who are we to argue with Gainsight?

A business won’t get far without good customer service. Truly.

In fact, today people expect better than good; they expect excellent or even super excellent customer service. And they definitely expect an ever evolving and ever improving customer service experience.

This is why TrendMiner and our parent company Software AG are front and center every year when customer success platform Gainsight holds its annual Pulse Everywhere conference – the largest annual gathering of Customer Success and Product Management professionals in the world. This year’s hybrid Pulse Everywhere recently kicked off on June 09 with over 15,000 attendees in attendance (both virtually and in-person).

Their objective? To guide forward-thinking and customer-centric companies on best practices, so they can give their customers the desired and deserved level of service.

Part of the conference includes their coveted GameChanger awards, which is designed to recognize and celebrate their customers leveraging Gainsight to change the game of customer success and experience for their companies, customers, teammates, and partners in various categories. One of those categories is the “Transformational Leader of the Year”, which they define as one (organization) that has demonstrated and driven change within a company evolving the customer success organization into a critical driver of growth.

This year, that honor went to us.

Per Gainsight:

Software AG has been a part of the era of innovation, entering digital transformation early on. To accelerate and shift the company towards a SaaS business model, they developed a go-to-market transformation stream realizing that customer adoption and success were crucial to their growth and transition. Software AG wanted to use the best CS had to offer, to drive growth forward. This progress came in a recent acquisition called TrendMiner, which included an incredible CS team and a dedicated land and expand model.

Can’t argue with that!

The Road to Recognition

We asked Senior Director of Customer Success, Fréderik Motte, shown here in cardboard form, what he had to say about the recognition. Here was his response:

“About 5 years ago, we kicked off TrendMiner’s Customer Success journey at a time when it was not commonplace yet in the Belgian or even European Market. We carefully crafted our customer journey and spent many days debating the best onboarding strategies to set our customers up for long-term success.

After the acquisition by Software AG, we found a welcoming home. Our way of working was recognized, thoughts and considerations were shared openly, inspiration and ideas cross-pollinated, ultimately with one end goal in mind: tackle the future by putting our customers where they belong… in the center of our universe.

This transformation is a large, ambitious, challenging long-term initiative, but also incredibly fun and rewarding. The recognition we received today by Gainsight, the thought and industry leader in the Customer Success space, as the Transformational Leader is such a nice uplift for all the grit and grind our CSM’s have shown. Our whole team, past & present deserves to be proud today!”

What Customer-Centric Support Looks Like 

We want success for our customers, in particular, we want our customers to become successful with analytics. As a SaaS company, we understand that one primary way they can gain success in today’s highly technological and competitive world is by adopting and using advanced analytics for their industrial processes.  

Each operational expert from every industrial process company needs to become successful at leveraging available captured sensor and contextual data. Therefore, customer-centric service and support include human connected technical onboarding services, training classes (basic/advanced and remote/face-to-face coaching), and on-demand engineering specialists who guide customers in how to use the advanced analytics tool on-site through patient explanation and demonstration, for example by going over and solving use cases.

Moreover, companies need help to unlock data silos so require specialized consultants to make integrations with 3rd party business applications and set up context views and dashboards. With this type of customer-centric support and care, companies can scale at large and get up to speed quickly to realize substantial benefits and value.  

Customer Perspectives Tell the Real Story 

It’s not what a company thinks it’s doing right, it’s what the customers think and more importantly experience. Here are a few comments from our customers that can give you insight into our approach. 

“The support is amazing. It’s great. The team is great and very fast and very responsive.” 

“I want to thank TrendMiner’s Customer Success Engineer Vincent Teran very much for the excellent training that you did! I was impressed, listening to the active participation of all of my colleagues! The discussions were very good and are always an indication of interest of the participants. You really did an excellent job on this!” 

“I just wanna say that the customer support & service was outstanding, the best we’ve ever seen by far.” 

“The TrendMiner team has been great in working with us. I don’t think we could have asked for better support from you guys. Overall, we are satisfied so far. We’re looking forward to testing out the analytics capabilities.” 

Customer service from TrendMiner is one of their biggest strengths. It is really exceptional, and they are dedicated to helping you get the most from the tool and not just sell the tool and walk away. Their openness to feedback and consultation to customers in their planned releases and product roadmap means that when you ask for a new function, you generally get it in the future, which is what makes them such a good provider to work with.” 

Check out our reviews and testimonials page to see more >

Be Worth Connecting With – That Is Customer Success 

Best-selling author, teacher, and entrepreneur Seth Godin once gave this advice to companies: “Be genuine. Be remarkable. Be worth connecting with.” 

Of course, customers want superior products and service, but at TrendMiner we recognize that our customers are people who want and appreciate that human connection. It’s pretty simple really, but many companies just don’t get this right. We did, and we’re constantly working to continue to make it better. 

So congratulations to our entire organization!

Customer Success is a company-wide effort, and we are all very proud of this recognition from an industry leader like Gainsight. It is truly an honor to be acknowledged for our pioneering Customer Success work within Software AG.