TrendMiner Digital Event for Oil & Gas Professionals:

A (Virtual) Round Table Discussion about Digitalization at Scale, Energy Transition & More

The story of King Arthur and his famous round table is a well-known legend throughout the world. The king and his knights set out to bring stability and prosperity to the region by discussing and sharing their experiences and ideas for solutions to their challenges and for improving their way of life, all at the infamous round table. The very nature of the “round” table is symbolic for equality and thus signifies a democratic weighing of voices and input of those present.

We at TrendMiner understand democratization as we refer to our self-service advanced analytics as a solution that democratizes analytics and data. This means as users, you will have the ability to perform advanced analytics yourselves, without the help of data scientists. 

This is particularly relevant to the Oil & Gas industry.

One of the best ways forward to address the industry challenges and toward its operational efficiency and excellence is through the use of self-service analytics which allows you to fully leverage all captured sensor-generated data.

And like King Arthur, TrendMiner is bringing together some of the industries “knights” to a virtual round table event to discuss solutions and current initiatives for digitalization at scale, analytics maturity, energy transition, and more.

Join the Discussion on Thursday, March 25, 2021

TrendMiner will bring together Oil & Gas professionals for a free digital event on March 25, 2021.

The event “Self-Service Advanced Analytics for the Oil & Gas Industry” is aimed for C-Level Executives, Operational and Plant Managers, Engineers and SMEs, Central Digital Teams and of course anyone else who is interested in the industry’s solutions for 2021 and beyond. Visit the event page to learn more, view our speaker list, and save your seat today!

The Knights at the Round Table  

  • Camino Fidalgo Alvarez & Juan Carlos Perdomo Ybarra (Cepsa)
  • Rob Barrie (Chrysaor)
  • Glen Milne (Spirit Energy)
  • Cindy Crow (OSIsoft)

Learn more about the agenda and speakers here >

You’ll not only learn how to fully leverage your plant’s captured data but also gain:

  • Insights into the most important opportunities and digitalization initiatives for the O&G industry in the year ahead.
  • Best practices on how to scale digital initiatives successfully.
  • Awareness as to why democratizing data is critical for today’s business success.
  • Multiple viewpoints/perspectives into the role that self-service analytics plays to materialize digital transformation initiatives and improve operational performance.
  • Understanding of how important digitalization and, in particular self-service advanced analytics, are for achieving energy transition targets.

Be Part of the Discussion for Oil & Gas Solutions

Knowing what digitalization and self-service advanced analytics can do for the Oil & Gas industry is crucial in realizing how modern digital technology and analytics maturity can guide your organization in establishing strategies for competition, sustainability, and profitability.

By attending our Self-Service Advanced Analytics Oil & Gas event, you’ll get a better understanding of where your organization is today in its digitalization and analytics journey and what needs to be done to meet your goals for the future

Register now and be part of the discussion for Oil & Gas solutions 

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