Bilfinger Digital Next increases plant efficiency with TrendMiner analysis

  • Powerful tool for optimizing plant performance now available for Bilfinger customers
  • Integration into digital platform Bilfinger Connected Asset Performance (BCAP)

With Bilfinger Connected Asset Performance (BCAP), Bilfinger Digital Next offers operators of industrial plants a modular digitization solution. At its core is a cloud-based platform on which all data from the areas of engineering, operation and maintenance of a plant is brought together.

Bilfinger Digital Next now also makes the TrendMiner software available in the BCAP Solution Store. Its diverse functionalities for analyzing data can be fully used in the BCAP environment and combined with other modules.

“By integrating TrendMiner into BCAP, we are providing our customers with a powerful tool for intuitive data analysis,” says Franz Braun, Managing Director of Bilfinger Digital Next GmbH and Chief Digital Officer at Bilfinger.

BCAP self-service analytics powered by TrendMiner is an advanced yet easy to use data analytics solution for all workforce dealing with operation, processes and plants. BCAP integrates all different data sources and allows for advanced analytics, automatic monitoring  and alarms of critical plant conditions by TrendMiner. The advanced analytics provide intuitive functionalities such as similarity search, “golden batch” analysis, anomalies detection and so on. Overall, the software supports the operators to reveal potentials for increasing the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of plants, reducing energy consumption and forecasting necessary maintenance measures.

“The integration of TrendMiner and BCAP provides end users the remote monitoring they need with self-service industrial analytics that will help them run their production lines more efficiently,” says Niels Verheijen, SVP Sales at TrendMiner.

TrendMiner also allows analyses to be performed quickly and easily to support the development of data models to increase productivity and optimize operating costs. These models are developed by Bilfinger Digital Next’s specialists using special tools and are made available via the BCAP Solution Store. Additional functions in conjunction with other BCAP solutions are also possible, such as the integration of virtual sensors.

TrendMiner empowers BCAP users with self-service analytics to monitor, analyze and predict the operational performance of processes in a fast and easy way.

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About Bilfinger

Bilfinger is a leading international industrial services provider. The Group enhances the efficiency of assets, ensures a high level of availability and reduces maintenance costs. The portfolio covers the entire value chain from consulting, engineering, manufacturing, assembly, maintenance and plant expansion to turnarounds and also includes environmental technologies and digital applications.

The company delivers its services in two service lines: Engineering & Maintenance and Technologies. Bilfinger is primarily active in Europe, North America and the Middle East. Process industry customers come from sectors that include chemical & petrochemicals, energy & utilities, oil & gas, pharma & biopharma, metallurgy and cement. With its 34,000 employees, Bilfinger upholds the highest standards of safety and quality and generated revenues of €4.327 billion in financial year 2019.

About TrendMiner

TrendMiner, a Software AG company and part of the IoT & Analytics division, delivers self-service data analytics for time-series data enabling subject matter experts in the process manufacturing industry to analyze, monitor and predict process and asset performance in their operational context to improve operational excellence and overall profitability. The software helps leading companies in industries such as chemical, petrochemical, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, metals & mining and other process manufacturing industries. Founded in 2008 and now part of Software AG, TrendMiner’s global headquarters is located in Belgium, and has offices in the U.S., Germany, Spain and the Netherlands.