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Alarm Management

Do you fail to meet industry standards such as EEMUA or ISA18.2 standards?

Are your operators overloaded with alarms?

Do you know the consequence of missing crucial alarms?

We can restore the decision support capabilities of your alarm system.

Inadequate alarm management is one of the most critical – and often also most underestimated – operational issues in process industry. Poor alarm management causes unplanned downtime or processes running out of their operational range resulting into loss of product, quality or production time. Furthermore, it can also lead to equipment damage, serio us injury to personnel and plant and operator inefficiency.

The major usability problem of present alarm systems is that there are too many alarms annunciated during normal operations and especially in a plant upset. Furthermore, poorly designed alarms, improperly set alarm points, ineffective annunciation and unclear alarm messages are problems that decrease the usability of an alarm system.

TrendMiner, leader in alarm management using analytics,
brings a total care solution to the market.

EEMUA 191 Benchmark

Benchmarking against alarm management standards

Reduction Potential

Clear view on situation As-is and Reduction Potential

Time Efficient Solution

Our data driven alarm management approach reduces engineering time up to 70%

Alarm Rationalization

Rationalization with focus on nuisance alarms and bad actors

Conditional Alarming

Based on alarm peak detection, alarm peak clustering and alarm sequencing algorithms/tooling. 

Total Care Solution

Permanent relieve of alarm management issues with a minimum of resources. 

the TrendMiner Alarm Management Maturity Model

The challenge of many industrial manufacturing facilities is where to start. Therefore, TrendMiner developed the Alarm Management Maturity Model to help companies understand what priorities need to be set in order to focus on these topics that bring value and reduce your risk. Much like building a strong house starts with a structured foundation, Alarm Management advanced automation requires a well organised basic infrastructure.

The Alarm Management Maturity Model gives the missing insights into the maturity of your organization with regards to Alarm Management. With the 5 stages Initial, Basic, Defined, Managed, and Optimized will come specific focus areas of activity to get you to the next level up. Our TrendMiner analysts have years of experience and the necessary tooling to help you through this process.

Alarm Management
Maturity Quick Scan

Our online scan is aimed on providing insight in the maturity of your alarm management processes and what steps to take to improve to the next level.

The Quick Scan online questionnaire is intended to give you a first orientation on the strengths of your alarm management performance and the potential for improvement. An initial self-assessment via the Quick Scan can be the basis for a subsequent review of your processes or an audit including an as-is analysis, benchmark against industry standards and the improvement potential.

Alarm Management
Maturity Quick Scan
Alarm Management
Maturity Quick Scan