Partner Webinar


Use your Production Data Differently & Smarter

Hosted by:

Wed, Sept 2, 2020

15:00 hrs CET

Join TrendMiner partner Actemium for the webinar “Historianders”. Historianders is a fusion of the word Historian and the Dutch word ‘anders’, meaning different.

Does your company store data from (production) processes? And is process optimization high on the agenda?

Discover how you can use the massive amount of data collected in your historian differently, and how easy it can be to derive value out of this data. Our partner Actemium, renown for their experience in process automation, has combined these skills with data analytics, now using TrendMiner to help their customers unlock the value in their data.

In this webinar, Actemium will show the structured approach they use for their clients to achieve this and give examples on how this works in practice using TrendMiner demonstrations.

Do you want to unlock the value out of your process data rather today than tomorrow? Join us with our partner Actemium on September 2nd 15:00 hrs (CET) and learn how we can help you to start this process.