Why we built TrendMiner

Why we built TrendMiner

When we started TrendMiner, our goal was to change the way the process and manufacturing industry uses machine generated data, based on scientific research.

When I look today at what TrendMiner has become, I can separate the root causes of who we are and why we are here into 3 main segments.

Macro economy

The process industry is everywhere in our daily life. With everything we do, every object we use, and food or medicine we consume, at some point chemistry has taken an important place between the raw materials and the consumer. Thanks to constant innovation in chemistry, we eat safe food, have mobile phones, our children can skateboard faster and we can drive electrical cars.

Although the process and manufacturing industry is in everything around us, it’s also under a constant pressure of doing more with less resources. The global economic crisis and pressure from low-cost countries has forced our industries to keep track of heir process efficiency. With TrendMiner we can combine our data mining IP with the historical data that is already there to uncover the important insights that are just not available today.

Micro economy

When we take a look at the suppliers of enterprise software for the process industry, we see an unhealthy domination of large conglomerates. This has a great impact on how software is ‘consumed’: very slow updates, extremely expensive licenses, or huge vendor lock-ins that can almost lead to arrogance.

TrendMiner wants to make a real difference in the industry. We will take advantage of being the young, agile, flexible “David”. In short everything the aforementioned “Goliaths” are not. When we talk to our customers they are surprised that at TrendMiner they can get a consumer-like experience for their enterprise software.


Macro and micro-economy are drivers that can move a lot of new players. But the real difference lies in the operations. How can the product TrendMiner really make a difference?

Firstly, our customers are telling us that operational intelligence has become a real nightmare. CEO’s and CFO’s read blog posts and magazines about business efficiency through the Internet of Things (IoT) – but when that question trickles down to the plant managers and their IT teams, we have to admit that the tools for that are not there today. Finding relevant historical information is too cumbersome, finding relevant context (maintenance, change management, etc.) is just not available and learning from all that information is almost impossible. Therefore these advanced actions are limited to only the most important cases due to lack of resources since their workforce keeps shrinking.

Secondly, we see that the solutions that exist for other industries (generic big data solutions) are not going to solve the problem. They require long implementation projects to be customized, they are built on inflexible modelling technologies and they require big data infrastructures and data scientist knowledge workers. These people have no knowledge of the process industry and quite frankly are not available today.

At TrendMiner we believe that our unique selling point is driven by solving the operational hurdles for the process industry that come with generic big data solutions. With our emphasis on self-service and our own background in engineering, we know what it takes to make a difference in the process industry and we can deliver a solution that fits.


Difficult to believe?

Get in touch with us – we’ll be glad to tell you more about this new reality.