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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

4 pm CET / 10 am EDT

Operating in the Fast Lane:

Contextualize Time-Series Data for Smarter Analytics

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4 pm CET / 10 am EDT

In the world of IIoT, data is considered to be the new oil. But the full potential will only be unleashed if the operational context can be taken into account when analyzing, monitoring or predicting operational performance. Shedding necessary light onto time-series data through dynamic contextualization enables you to take your processes into the highest gear of operational excellence, and your organization into the future.

Capture and Use Operational Events

Various inbound events such as weather, raw material changes, or equipment modifications can impact production performances. Process conditions can also lead to unwanted outbound events such as equipment failures, fouling, or energy inefficiencies.

Capturing and combining event data with time series analytics is the first step to shedding light on the intricate relationships between process behavior and the context around it.  Smaller events may stay unrecognized, but still can have an impact on product quality, cycle time, or any other parameter that lead to your desired production output. Events can be automatically captured, or manually recorded, but are only valuable when they can be used.

Break Down Operational Data Silos

Other events, or contextual information, may reside in various business critical systems such as your Laboratory Information Management System or Maintenance Management System. When this information is applied to your time series data, you get an illuminated view on operational behaviour. The context of your operation and what impacts your performance becomes crystal clear. 

Contextualization Enables Smarter Analytics

In this webinar we will introduce the analytical benefits of combining time series sensor data with contextual data. You will see how you can use captured events as a starting point to continuously improve your production facilities.

By attending this webinar you will:

  • Learn how to automatically and manually capture production events.
  • Get practical examples on how to use context to speed up Root Cause Analysis.
  • Gain insights into how context stored in 3rd party data silos can be used most effectively.
  • Leverage context for data driven decisions in the control room
  • Build a self-learning organization by automatically capturing events.

More Reasons to Attend


Quickly find out how easy it is to improve operational performance by contextualizing your time-series data.


See use case examples that fully employ contextual information to improve the performance of your production plant.

To The Point

Learn how you and your organization can benefit from contextualization in self-service industrial analytics.

Operating in the Fast Lane – Live Webinar

Date: Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Time: 4 pm CET / 10 am EDT

Length: 45 min

Cost: Free

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