E&P companies are constantly striving to find the best ways to deliver the greatest ROI with the safest, most efficient, and smallest operational footprint. TrendMiner’s award-winning self-service analytics solution allows operators to work smarter and deliver significant savings, while enabling them to make better decisions, faster.

Leveraging Data Integration II How to Implement Integration

In this next installment in our Data Integration Webinar Series, you will discover the different ways data can be integrated to gain much better visibility into your operations and save time, money, and resources. You will get an introduction to contextual data, overviews of datasources for TrendMiner, and more.

How to Leverage Data Integration & Streamline Self-service analytics

Learn how you can easily integrate your different types of data – time series, asset, or contextual – that resides in various systems and sources to gain much better visibility into your operations and save time, money, and resources.

Leveraging IIoT Analytics to Drive Operational Performance

In this webinar, LNS Research will explain why companies today are empowering plant personnel with analytics that deliver real-time insights.

Ditch the Spreadsheets

You can’t focus on what your data is telling you if you’re drowning in it. Self-service analytics easily allows you to interpret your data so you can increase asset reliability, optimize operations, and reach your corporate KPIs.

Introduction to self-service analytics

In this updated introductory video, Jeroen De Wolf discusses how to empower process and asset experts with existing data to analyze, monitor and predict process performance, without depending on data scientists.

Operating in the Fast Lane

In this webinar we will introduce the analytical benefits of combining time series sensor data with contextual data. You will see how you can use captured events as a starting point to continuously improve your production facilities.

Self-Service Continuous Improvement 4.0 – Part II

In this webinar we will explain how self-service analytics can be applied to each production site, so they can run Operational Excellence programs autonomously with just a little bit of support from the central group.

In this webinar, we will explain how TrendMiner can be used in each phase of the DMAIC cycle. Along a practical use case we show how specific key capabilities are applied in each phase.

This video introduces how to use self-service analytics for batch production and the actual benefits that can be achieved. See how a single analytics solution could help you speed up root cause analysis, identify optimal process behavior, monitor and get alerts for deviations in process behavior using your golden batch.