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putting the powers of search in the hands of the process engineer


Based on pattern recognition algorithms, patent pending TrendMiner Search empowers the process specialists to find process trends without the need of a special skill data scientist or big data infrastructure.


TrendMiner is first and foremost a user-oriented platform. Even searching for your tags is made as easy as searching in Google. You can search tags by using their name or description while the system starts autocompleting possible tags.


Whether you are searching through batches or continuous processes, whether your process data is analogue, digital or contextual, TrendMiner Search enhances your PIMS Historian with new dimensions you never expected to be possible.


  • Rapidly retrieve most recent batch runs from a given product
  • Compare batch runs or transitions to understand differences in behavior
  • Find the shortest batch runs with good quality
  • Know how often a given process problem occurs to estimate the impact
  • Find and analyze product switches of interest
  • Share analyses of interest with other process stakeholders without the need to transfer files
  • Bookmark all instances of a given behavior in one click for future reference
  • Navigate through process data in a fast an intuitive manner
  • Prepare data for export and further analysis (filter based on product, operating region, etc.)
  • Select steady state data and step responses of interest for modeling projects
  • Understand evolution (aging) of your plant by comparing responses over time
  • Understand the effect of equipment replacement by comparing behavior before and after
  • Reduce cost of periodic safety tests (proof testing) by exploiting evidence in historical process data
  • ...

Exploration & Discovery Analytics

Billions of data points

Some are relevant, most are not. By eliminating or specifically focussing to points in time you can easily narrow down the interesting periods. Do you need to check the behaviour of one specific grade? Recent batches of a product of interest? Or all transitions from one product to another? Or do you want to eliminate all periods in which a reactor was inactive? TrendMiner now makes it easy to find, filter, overlay and compare interesting time periods.

Have I seen this trend before?

Process engineers use the power of visualization of data on a daily basis to analyse their processes. But too often they have to go to spreadsheet solutions with maths scripts for deeper analysis. And at some point these tools are just not sufficient.

TrendMiner goes back to the power of visualization and enables advanced pattern recognition algorithms to find either similar or deviating behaviour. Just select your reference period over one or more tags and let the system find you similar behaviour throughout your entire data history.

But there's more

Using value or digital-step searches for filtering in and out of times or finding something that looks similar is just the beginning. This, however,  is not enough for the process engineer.

In TrendMiner you can also search for particular operating regimes, process drifts, operator actions, process instabilities or oscillations. Combining these advanced search patterns will unlock the true information you are looking for.

Explanation & Diagnostic Analytics

Exploring and discovering historical events

All the methods above are going to make your life as an engineer a lot easier. With TrendMiner you can now confirm your assumptions though experience with hard facts in TrendMiner.

But the capabilities of TrendMiner go far beyond confirming assumptions, and can help you to find the right explanation for process behaviour of interest.

Making the right conclusions

TrendMiner helps you to make the right decisions by comparing multiple data layers or time periods to find out which sensors are more or less deviating from your baseline.

Causal and influence factor search algorithms guide you to the true reason behind a process anomaly or deviating batch, and increase your plant efficiency and safety.

What's next?

What is the use of spending your time finding a needle in a haystack if you can’t reuse that energy in the future? Not only can you now add your findings in the TrendMiner Capture context platform, you can also save your search results to share with colleagues.

Learn more about TrendMiner Capture here.

Finally you can transform your search results so it will allow you to later on compare them in real-time through TrendMiner Monitor live mode, helping you to make pro-active decisions. Ultimately your searches will lead to early warnings when abnormal behaviour occurs in the future, before it even happens.

Learn more about TrendMiner Monitor here.