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TM capture

transforming data into meaningful context


Billions of data points over thousands of sensors. Even with the most advanced pattern recognition technologies, you are sometimes still flying blind without time and location specific context. Attention notes of the previous shift or maintenance windows on a machine simply do not show in your temperature log today.

TrendMiner Capture technology is built on years of experience in experts systems for logging plant activities. In the field we have seen dozens of different solutions; from scribbles on a piece of paper to overly complicated spreadsheets or customized database solutions. Most of them too cumbersome to use and difficult to be combined with other operational intelligence. This results in only capturing selective information ‘in case of’ and without a higher cause.


  • Automate shift and daily reports
  • Collect and maintain plant know-how
  • Systematically analyze and label production losses or downtime events
  • Facilitate the communication between maintenance, operations and the process specialist
  • Make sure your control room staff actively learns from decisions and events in the past

Event Frames: bookmarks on your process data

There are two main types of bookmarks that can be logged: Manually created by an operator or process engineer and Automatically generated by TrendMiner itself or a third party application.

Manually generated events

Get rid of those scribbles on a piece of paper or those pesky spreadsheets is no longer a dream. In TrendMiner the operators and process engineers can log as much comments as they want, right on the concerning (group of) tag(s). Did a maintenance crew just start reparations on a reactor? Or did a valve break down? By logging it in TrendMiner both the operators of the next shift and the process engineer have that same context whenever they need it.

Automatically generated events

TrendMiner can make boolean, value and time based annotations on its own. Just like the what’s new feature in TrendMiner monitor will leave a message in your inbox, it can also put it right on the timeline as an annotation. Or how about showing a production loss or grade transition from your digital tag in your temperature stream?

On top of TrendMiner’s own annotations we can also import 3rd party logs from other sources. Contact your local sales team or implementation partners for more information.

Asset Framework

plant structure / hierarchy

Whether you have 1,000 or 100,000 tags in your plant, an asset framework is one great way to structure your information. Using TrendMiner Asset Framework you can see your entire structure in a plant hierarchy, making it super easy to link comments and documents to the appropriate units or equipment your plant infrastructure.

What's Next?

TrendMiner Capture is a great way of capturing knowledge for yourself and your colleagues. It can be used as a shift log or daily reporting for the operators but also as contextual information for the process engineers. It is a very powerful thing if maintenance logs and shift notes show up when a process engineer is using TrendMiner Search to examine an abnormal behaviour.

Vice versa, TrendMiner Monitor automated annotations can be used to trigger pro-active behaviour in the control room.