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TrendMiner’s Production Cockpit won Plant Engineering’s Product of the Year Grand Award

We “Know Our Why” & It’s Paid Off!

Simon Sinek, the well-known author and motivational speaker passionately believes and promotes the idea that fulfillment is a right that everyone of us is entitled to feel and experience and that is especially true for our work. He claims that we should be inspired and fulfilled by our work, and we can do this by having a sense that we contribute to something larger than ourselves. How? He says we need to “know our why”. And TrendMiner does.

We aspire to contribute to the greater good of industrial manufacturing and processes by delivering a self-service analytics tool that democratizes data and analytics. Our sincere goal is to help companies to do their jobs safer, faster, better, and easier and ultimately to achieve and maintain operational excellence. We “know our why” , and it’s paid off. We won the Engineering Product of the Year Grand Award!

Taking the Top Prize

Our TrendMiner Production Cockpit was the 2019 Plant Engineering Product of the Year Grand Award, the highest award given to a product. It feels great to be recognized by Plant Engineering readers who voted for us in 13 competing categories. And we are the first software application to ever win this award. Not too shabby, right?

The Production Cockpit provides process and asset experts a full overview of their operational performance and acts as a starting point for deeper analyses in case any issues arise. The platform can compare live production processes to historical production runs and displays diagnostics, quality status, and predictions to production operators or management through individually designed dashboards. It also streamlines the flow of information between shift teams and can provide live production views and historical analysis from the remotest factory to expertise located anywhere, giving them the power to make informed decisions rapidly.

“We are extremely proud to be recognized by Plant Engineering and their readers. Being the first software application to win the Grand Award solidifies the value our self-service analytics solution is bringing to our customers and to the market. We’re excited to continue to provide engineers with the tools they need to run their plants more efficiently.”

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Navigate to Operational Excellence: The Power of the Connected Production Cockpit

About the Plant Engineering Product of the Year Award

Plant Engineering has over 120 thousand subscribers and reaches plant engineers, managers, and maintenance professionals who have a direct influence on plant performance and productivity. The publication delivers plant-floor knowledge and expertise to help manufacturers run their plants smarter, safer, faster, and better. Their Product of the Year program is the premier award for new products in manufacturing industries. The annual reader-choice program provides Plant Engineering’s audience with information about the top new product in their fields. This year marks the 32nd year for this award.

“TrendMiner’s Production Cockpit is the first software application ever to receive a Product of the Year Grand Award,” said Plant Engineering Editor Kevin Parker. “Not only that, but it’s an award for a system that supports subject matter experts seeking to productively work with analytics without the need for extensive support from data scientists. This really will be the future.”.

Bringing Self-Service Analytics to Industrial Manufacturers & Processes Around the World

Our mission is to bring advanced self-service analytics to industrial manufacturers and processes around the world in order to democratize data and analytics. By doing so, process and asset experts can fully utilize the plant’s data to obtain operational excellence.

We bring a human aspect to industrial data analytics and want to help people in the industry solve their work issues and challenges to increase their process efficiency, allowing them to do the best job they can. We want them to obtain and maintain operational excellence. We truly believe in what we do and approach each day with this passion.

Hey, we “know our why”, and it’s paid off. And we are proud about our accomplishment – the 2019 Plant Engineering Product of the Year Grand Award!

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