TrendMiner opens new German office in Köln

TrendMiner organization expands sales and customer success support to the German market.

Hasselt, Belgium – February 26, 2018 – TrendMiner, the leading self-service industrial analytics software company, announces that it has opened a new office in Köln, Germany further expanding their European presence. The new Sales & Customer Success office brings support for our high-end self-service industrial analytics software to the Rhein-area, the heart of the European process industry.

“As rapid adoption of our technology continues, expanding offices to other regions is the necessary step. It is no longer a question whether or not analytics can transform production processes”, says Bert Baeck, TrendMiner CEO and Founder. “We are bringing on new team members in preparing for our continued growth and look forward to providing our highest-standards of customer service to this region.”

Headquartered in Hasselt, Belgium, TrendMiner is a self-service analytics platform, allowing its users to analyze, monitor and predict asset and process performance by themselves. Adoption in the organization though, is greatly enhanced with help of TrendMiner’s Customer Success team. Their best practices approach and the support in the local language is speeding up the process even more. Process engineers are quickly made analytics aware and enabled to contribute to corporate performance goals, such as reducing the carbon footprint, controlling or improving product quality, reducing waste and supporting continuous improvement projects with data analytics.

View the official media release here.

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