Top TrendMiner Articles from Industry-Favorite Publications

Missed these articles recently featured in the media? No worries! We’ve compiled them for you so you can kick back and catch up on some reading.

Here at TrendMiner we value our relationships with prominent trade publications like Processing Magazine, Plant Engineering, and many more. They bring us the information we need to enhance our work, provide new insights, and keep us up to date with the latest trends. Over the last several years we’ve had close to (if not more) than 100 articles featured across these magazines – in both digital and print – that touch on relevant topics such as customer success stories and continuous improvement.

We compiled some of our most recent and top rated articles that have come out in the last few months that we think you may find informative, interesting, and perhaps even enjoyable:

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“Specialty Chemicals Maker Does More with Data”

featured in Chemical Processing Magazine

Specific steps foster the success of global roll-out of advanced analytics. Read why LANXESS choose to roll out self-service advanced analytics and how they addressed global roll-out challenges.

Read it here.

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“Realizing your Smart Factory’s Full Potential with Self-service Advanced Analytics”

featured in Processing Magazine

With self-service analytics, process manufacturers can quickly turn their factories into smart factories, allowing them to leverage the full potential of data and analytics.

Read it here.

Oilfield Technology

Data Analysis Softens the Impact of Current Crisis

featured in Oilfield Technology

Julian Pereira from TrendMiner explores how the use of data analytics can help Upstream Oil & Gas companies move to the next levels of operational excellence and face volatile market pressures. Self-service industrial analytics allows for rapid adoption and an increasing array of use cases.

Read it here.

“Specialty Chemical Production: Advantages of Batch Analytics”

featured in, a subsidiary of the International Society of Automation (ISA)

Forward-thinking manufacturers are embracing self-service batch analytics to help deal with COVID-19 disruptions, support creative ideas, and even initiate new ideas for improving operational performance.

Read it here.

Food Manufacturing

“What Does a Smart Factory Look Like?”

featured in Food Manufacturing

Factories that have the ability to capture, store, and leverage process Big Data are called Smart Factories. But what should be done to fully leverage this Big Data?

Read it here.

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