TrendMiner Announces Integration with OSIsoft Cloud Services at OSIsoft PI World

The leading self-service advanced analytics software for process industries is now showcased as an application integrated with OSIsoft Cloud Services. All the data persisted in OSIsoft Cloud Services are directly available for self-service analytics through TrendMiner Cloud Services. This extends the scope of analytics use cases and significantly reduces the application onboarding time.

HOUSTON and HASSELT, Belgium, April 24, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — TrendMiner, provider of the leading self-service predictive analytics software, announced today that it is showcasing TrendMiner Cloud Services, an application integrated with OSIsoft Cloud Services at the OSIsoft PI-World. TrendMiner adds self-service advanced analytics capabilities to data available in the OSIsoft Cloud Services environment. Subject matter experts, such as process engineers and operators, can now continuously improve operational excellence within a full, secure and robust cloud environment.

OSIsoft Cloud Services
The physical and economic feasibility of deploying more sensors means a lot more data is now available. That data now spans not only industrial processes, but whole enterprises and their community of vendors and partners.  To embrace this transformation, OSIsoft is delivering a new set of complementary Cloud Services to support customers and partners that require real-time capture, processing and sharing of very large numbers of assets and operational data. OSIsoft Cloud Services (OCS) is a set of managed PaaS and SaaS offerings extending the reach and capabilities of the PI System infrastructure. Data can be shared and used to power new applications that deliver increased operational efficiency and support new business models. OSIsoft Cloud Services are designed to meet today’s digital transformation needs by connecting in real-time data to people, analytics and applications for enterprises and communities to realize the value of their data.

“OSIsoft continues to innovate to extend our world class infrastructure for operations data management focusing on data acquisition at the edge and across our customer’s operational landscape and provides reliable access to real-time operations data when and where customers need it. By extending the operations data infrastructure as a managed service in the cloud, TrendMiner and OSIsoft’s common customers can leap over the system and application management burden and focus immediately on getting value from their data, diving into their analytics and focusing on insights,” said Richard Beeson, Chief Technology Officer at OSIsoft.

TrendMiner Cloud Services for Advanced Analytics
OSIsoft has developed a set of Cloud Services to support an easier and closer integration between their customers and partners such as TrendMiner for delivering applications that require real-time capture, processing and sharing of very large numbers of assets and operational data. TrendMiner’s high-performance, highly scalable analytics engine for process data is a perfect fit to the OSIsoft Cloud Services environment.

Process engineers and operators can now use the TrendMiner software in the cloud to easily identify trends in their production processes to optimize both efficiency and quality.

Thomas Dhollander, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at TrendMiner, commented about TrendMiner Cloud Services: “In a time of rapid transformation, the ability to deliver good software to small, medium and large customers fast is essential. With excellent help of OSIsoft we were able to quickly develop the first version of TrendMiner Cloud Services, which has the foundation to extend the scope of analytics use cases within each industry. It also significantly reduces the time for our customers to start benefitting from our advanced self-service analytics capabilities.”

Analyze, Monitor & Predict Operational Performance
TrendMiner is as easy as using Google to find specific process behavior in the past. Process engineers can diagnose the process by instantly finding similar behavior and find root causes to improve the process. Using multivariate pattern recognition, they can question the data directly without requiring help from a data scientist. TrendMiner also provides self-service monitoring to define optimal processes and set fingerprints to monitor production. These can be used to send out automated early warnings to control room staff in case of deviation, or to capture feedback and leverage knowledge across sites. TrendMiner’s unique model-free predictive mode enables to predict quality, maintenance or future evolutions of batch runs and transitions. Now all available as extension to the OSIsoft Cloud Services environment.

Show Casing at OSIsoft PI-World 2018
During OSIsoft PI-World Users Conference 2018, April 23-27 in San Francisco, California, USA, TrendMiner will present its brand-new application for OSIsoft Cloud Services. Attendees of the event can meet us at booth #52 where we will showcase TrendMiner Cloud Services and provide more information about this exciting new way of bringing advanced self-service analytics capabilities to our joined customers. Learn more about TrendMiner software and the benefits it offers on our website TrendMiner software.

About OSIsoft, LLC
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