TrendLab 2020

Growing the Self-Service Analytics Community

Attendees of the 2019 TrendMiner User Event (now known as TrendLab) chat during a networking break in between sessions.

How TrendLab 2020 Came to Be

Last fall we hosted our first user event for customers around the globe (in September in Belgium and in October in New Orleans). We wanted to bring our users together to build connections and gain more experience with our software. The event gave our customers the opportunity to:

  • Discuss use cases.
  • Share ideas about new ways to use the software.
  • Inspire and motivate colleagues with success stories.
  • Give and receive feedback about the software.

The agenda was a combination of product sessions, use cases, customer panels, and keynote presentations. Additionally, we really wanted to put “a face” to the TrendMiner team. By meeting face-to-face, customers could better understand the human side of what we feel TrendMiner represents and does, and in turn, we got to know and understand our customers and their needs better too.

Participants included users from 36 unique companies from various industries like Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Water & Waste Management, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, and Polymers and Synthetic Materials.

Here is what a few customers had to say about TrendMiner and the User Event:

Utilities Manager Tim Timmermans – Covestro

“Once you understand how powerful such a tool is, it’s amazing to use it. The first use case where I really understood the power of its data analytics was a use case where we had a problem in a really complex system where it’s really difficult to find correlations between different actors and TrendMiner made it possible to find the root cause quite quickly.”

Process Engineers Mike Malone, Doug Brower, and Alex Sapegin – Toray Plastics

“You know we’ve seen the whole transition from where we started using paper and you know Excel and just typing in numbers to where we are now using the software and it’s been a fun ride. I really support it. Our management supports it. Toray plastics supports it; they’re looking to be able to use all the data we collected.”

Digitalization of Production & Technology Head Viviana Silva – BASF

“Experts can very efficiently use this tool together with their process knowledge on a daily basis to make their work efficient.”

The event was a great opportunity to network and exchange ideas and information, and customers gained valuable insight, got sneak peaks into new features in development, and had first hand access to our team. Most of all, they got the opportunity to meet other customers and to build new and stronger connections to others in their fields.

From getting new ideas for different ways to use the software based on other’s success stories to the evening events of dinners and karaoke (okay that may only have been in New Orleans…), we realized that having an event dedicated to our customers was something we wanted to do every year to continue growing our self-service analytics community.

What TrendLab 2020 Brings to the Table

Almost immediately following our 2019 User Event we began planning 2020. Then this year through a curveball at, well, the entire world and we realized that an in-person event probably wasn’t in the cards, so we decided to make it 100% virtual and free.

This year, our user event, now formally branded as TrendLab 2020: Advanced Data Analytics Summit will be on three separate days: September 15th, 22nd, and 29th from 7:30-11:00 am CDT / 14:30-18:00 pm CEST.

And why “TrendLab”? Like any “lab”, it’s an exciting environment for the free exchanging of ideas that push the limits of creativity and innovation. And that’s what we aim to do.

Like last year’s agenda, the three days will consist of a combination of customer use case presentations, customer panels, expert keynotes, and product and roadmap sessions. And also like last year, this event will revolve around customer ideas, successes, and insights to TrendMiner self-service analytics gang.

This year, however, TrendLab will include more customer-led sessions and will move beyond discussing just TrendMiner’s self-service analytics solution to providing thought leadership on data analytics as a whole.

Who can join?

The event is open to TrendMiner customers and partners. The participants represent the following industries: Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Water & Waste Management, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceuticals, Polymers and Synthetic Materials, Metals & Mining, Agriculture, and Environmental.

Growing the TrendMiner Self-Service Analytics Community

Being free of charge and completely virtual, there are fewer barriers to attending this year, so a much higher attendance is expected which means a lot more networking and sharing of ideas.

Given the importance of networking, especially in how it contributes to growing the self-service analytics community, our TrendMiner team has gone to great lengths to incorporate and encourage virtual networking through a variety of ways.

As you can see, TrendLab 2020 brings a lot to the table with the purpose of growing the self-service analytics community.

To have a look at the agenda and register, click on the link below. And hey, bring a friend! You won’t want to miss this experience. See you there!