When an oil company needed to figure out the flow rate from a well, it used TrendMiner monitoring to keep the wells operational and prevent sudden shutdowns.

Using TrendMiner features, chemical engineers can forecast the normally unpredictable useful life of a catalyst bed for more accurate production scheduling.

Making your Operations More Predictive: Integrating Your Asset Management and Predictive Maintenance Strategies

Ending with real world examples from both the upstream and downstream sectors, we will take you on a journey that breaks down buzzwords and will demonstrate practical, easy-to-use approaches that you can employ on a daily basis.

Use case: Distillation column trip

Discover how TrendMiner helped prevent an automatic process shutdown, improving overall equipment effectiveness, reducing costs & risk.


This use case shows how TrendMiner enabled predictive maintenance to control fouling, reduce costs and reduce risks with self-service industrial analytics.

Sitech`s Industrial Analytics Journey

In this webinar, Marc Pijpers of Sitech shares 3 real-life use cases that show how Sitech used (predictive) industrial analytics to contextualize asset performance with process data.