Use case: Stabilize operations to increase production

Engineers figured out they could cut their steam consumption by 165 tons per day, and learned using TrendMiner they also could produce 50 tons more ammonia.

Use CAse: Reduce Energy Consumption

This reverse osmosis company violated government energy usage regulations each month until TrendMiner revealed how pump and skid timing could keep it compliant.

Discover how self-service industrial analytics is used to improve the production efficiency of compression systems. in this presentation from TrendMiner 2021 Oil & Gas Event.

In this presentation, Aubyn Chavez from Cornerstone will share a process engineers’ experiences with TrendMiner and how the adaptive process of testing hypotheses, diagnosing issues, and creating solutions has real synergy with the exploits of PI AF.


Discover how TrendMiner’s self-service analytics solution is helping the water & wastewater sector improve asset performance and reliability.

Asset Diagnosis & Real-Time Monitoring with Self-Service Analytics

In this presentation Julian Pereira, Head of Customer Success EMEA, will explain and demonstrate how to use TrendMiner to perform asset trip diagnosis and real-time monitoring and how contextual information from 3rd party business applications can add valuable context for root cause analysis.


In this presentation, Jan Spijkerman and Tom Wassink discuss their Operations and Manufacturing IT strategy, the role OsiSoft and TrendMiner had in their digital transformation, and the challenges they faced.


In this presentation, Manu de Block will discuss the industrial analytics journey of DEME and how with the advanced analytics capabilities of TrendMiner, users were able to assess many dredging related hypothesis. Insights gained with use of the historical data greatly increased the understanding of local dredging situations and adapt the project approach.


In this webinar, Jan Mereleire shows how Ashland uses TrendMiner self-service analytics to support the transformation and digitalization of their chemical processing plant.

Use case: Compare current batch to golden batch fingerprint

This use case shows how TrendMiner analytics helped engineers assess batch run quality and take corrective action sooner for optimal production efficiency.