In this presentation, Aubyn Chavez from Cornerstone will share a process engineers’ experiences with TrendMiner and how the adaptive process of testing hypotheses, diagnosing issues, and creating solutions has real synergy with the exploits of PI AF.

Advanced Analytics for the Metals & Mining Industry

Discover how Metals & Mining organizations can easily utilize self-service analytics to sift through available data and gain complete operational awareness.


Discover how TrendMiner’s self-service analytics solution can help the food & beverage industry improve product quality and easily tackle common challenges and complex optimization problems. In this webinar, we’ll illustrate how self-service analytics can be used within one of the world’s oldest processes: beer brewing.

Analytics in the Control Room: New Approaches for Solving Age Old Problems

In this presentation from Operational Excellence for Oil & Gas Online 2020, Nick Petrosyan takes you on a journey that breaks down buzzwords and demonstrates practical, easy-to-use approaches towards analytics that you can employ on a daily basis. Nick gives a short overview of the traditional machine learning landscape and the different tools/techniques that are used within it.

In this podcast, Dave and Thomas explore the basics of buzzwords like digitalisation, Industry 4.0, Analytics, IIoT, and data-driven decision making, and how operational experts can easily start with analytics without having to become data scientists.


Discover how TrendMiner’s self-service analytics solution is helping the water & wastewater sector improve asset performance and reliability.


Control your operational performance “from control room to boardroom” with Analytics-driven Production Cockpits. Our latest TrendMiner release puts engineers, operators and management in full control of the Smart Factory

Oil & Gas companies in both Upstream and Downstream are continuously striving to optimize overall equipment effectiveness… read more

This white paper provides example application areas for refining, petrochemical and specialty chemical operations, including maintenance opportunities and indicates how the TrendMiner self-service advanced process analytics platform can support sites with their digital transformation journey.

This white paper demonstrates the value of proactive technical monitoring using self-service advanced analytics with some example areas.