Introducing the Next Generation Production Client

Watch this webinar on demand to see how easy trend analysis can be; how to use the analytics capabilities to quickly find root causes for process anomalies and monitor operational performance and learn why thousands of users LOVE the new production client for each analytics maturity level and how they all can contribute to business outcomes.

Digitalization in the Fertilizer Industry

In this webinar, Ruchika Tawani demonstrates how self-service analytics can improve the productivity, reliability and safety of fertilizer plants.

Empowering Engineers with Advanced Analytics

Discover how how process engineers and other operational experts can do more with their data themselves, without the need for data scientists.

In this presentation, Aubyn Chavez from Cornerstone will share a process engineers’ experiences with TrendMiner and how the adaptive process of testing hypotheses, diagnosing issues, and creating solutions has real synergy with the exploits of PI AF.


Discover how TrendMiner’s self-service analytics solution is helping the water & wastewater sector improve asset performance and reliability.

From Hindsight to Insight

In this webinar TrendMiner experts look back on how they could have benefitted from using self-service analytics in their previous roles as process, production, and environmental engineers. They’ll reflect on areas they could have improved and how they could have streamlined their processes.


In his presentation Jasper Rutten will talk about the Huntsman analytics journey and how self-service analytics helps to make process and asset experts contribute to corporate operational goals.


In his presentation, Norman will discuss how TrendMiner’s self-service analytics on top of OSIsoft PI helps their production facility to gain deeper insight in operational performance.


In this live presentation from the OSIsoft User Conference 2017 in London, Hermann Schuster, Chief Digital Officer at Arlanxeo, shares how his company leverages digitalization at the operational level with industrial analytics.


In this live presentation from the OSIsoft User Conference 2017 in London, Tim Timmermans discusses the industrial analytics journey of Covestro Antwerp.