This plant lost 25% of the particles that dropped through its prill tower until engineers discovered while using TrendMiner that cooler temperatures made a better product.

A utility gained $260,000 in business value after TrendMiner helped it determine when to calibrate the inlet valves for its natural gas generator.

Using TrendMiner features, chemical engineers can forecast the normally unpredictable useful life of a catalyst bed for more accurate production scheduling.

Analytics in the Control Room: New Approaches for Solving Age Old Problems

In this presentation from Operational Excellence for Oil & Gas Online 2020, Nick Petrosyan takes you on a journey that breaks down buzzwords and demonstrates practical, easy-to-use approaches towards analytics that you can employ on a daily basis. Nick gives a short overview of the traditional machine learning landscape and the different tools/techniques that are used within it.

In this podcast, Dave and Thomas explore the basics of buzzwords like digitalisation, Industry 4.0, Analytics, IIoT, and data-driven decision making, and how operational experts can easily start with analytics without having to become data scientists.


Control your operational performance “from control room to boardroom” with Analytics-driven Production Cockpits. Our latest TrendMiner release puts engineers, operators and management in full control of the Smart Factory

Towards Net-Zero Operations: Optimizing Operations by Democratizing Advanced Analytics

In this presentation from Intelligent Automation in Oil & Gas Online 2020, Julian Pereira, TrendMiner’s Head of Customer Success EMEA presents the use cases that demonstrate how leveraging data and advanced analytics accelerates the transition towards net-zero operations.

They say the first step is the hardest, but you know that digital transformation is challenging traditional approaches and opening up new opportunities. Access this white paper today and discover how self-service industrial analytics is helping operations like yours.

Leveraging Data Integration II How to Implement Integration

In this next installment in our Data Integration Webinar Series, you will discover the different ways data can be integrated to gain much better visibility into your operations and save time, money, and resources. You will get an introduction to contextual data, overviews of datasources for TrendMiner, and more.