Asset Diagnosis & Real-Time Monitoring with Self-Service Analytics

In this presentation Julian Pereira, Head of Customer Success EMEA, will explain and demonstrate how to use TrendMiner to perform asset trip diagnosis and real-time monitoring and how contextual information from 3rd party business applications can add valuable context for root cause analysis.

How to Bridge the Gap between Engineers & Data Scientists

Empower your front line with self-service industrial analytics. Download this free ebook to get an overview of our unique capabilities and discover the Top 3 Reasons you’ll love TrendMiner.

Learn how DEME is using self-service analytics for short-term insights, long-term knowledge gain, and cost savings of upwards of €400K annually (on just one asset type).

Ditch the Spreadsheets

You can’t focus on what your data is telling you if you’re drowning in it. Self-service analytics easily allows you to interpret your data so you can increase asset reliability, optimize operations, and reach your corporate KPIs.

Introduction to self-service analytics

In this updated introductory video, Jeroen De Wolf discusses how to empower process and asset experts with existing data to analyze, monitor and predict process performance, without depending on data scientists.

In this ebook, we will share five key learnings from some of our most successful customers in order to help you drive your self-service analytics journey towards success.


In this presentation, Manu de Block will discuss the industrial analytics journey of DEME and how with the advanced analytics capabilities of TrendMiner, users were able to assess many dredging related hypothesis. Insights gained with use of the historical data greatly increased the understanding of local dredging situations and adapt the project approach.

TrendMiner Digital Transformation ebook

Discover the 5 keys to achieving digital transformation success with TredMiner co-founder and former CEO, Bert Baeck.

Empowering engineers with analytics

Download this ebook to discover why democratizing access to data analytics is essential, how it could help your organization succeed.