In this webinar, TrendMiner Data Analytics Engineer Eduardo Hernandez discusses how to easily analyze process performance and find root causes fast, monitor performance to get early warnings and predict what is likely to happen, capture events and create your own production cockpit for operational storytelling, as well as best practices to become a data-driven factory and quickly gain value.

5 Levels of PI Integration with Self-Service Analytics

Watch this webinar on demand and discover how the data captured in your PI System can be leveraged for day-to-day, data-driven decision making when it’s combined with self-service analytics capabilities.

Discover how how process engineers and other operational experts can do more with their data themselves, without the need for data scientists.

Download the latest Technology Report from Smart Industry and discover how to properly analyze your data to turn 1’s and 0’s into $’s.

Accelerating Production Insights with Advanced Analytics

In this webinar, hosted by Indian Chemical News, Ruchika Tawani, TrendMiner Data Analytics Engineer discusses how process engineers and other operational experts can do more with their data themselves, without the need for data scientists. You’ll see practical use cases that will help you better understand why democratization of analytics can accelerate reaching your organizational goals such as reducing downtime, increasing yield, control quality, improve asset reliability and increase overall profitability.

Making your Operations More Predictive: Integrating Your Asset Management and Predictive Maintenance Strategies

Ending with real world examples from both the upstream and downstream sectors, we will take you on a journey that breaks down buzzwords and will demonstrate practical, easy-to-use approaches that you can employ on a daily basis.

In this podcast, Dave and Thomas explore the basics of buzzwords like digitalisation, Industry 4.0, Analytics, IIoT, and data-driven decision making, and how operational experts can easily start with analytics without having to become data scientists.


Control your operational performance “from control room to boardroom” with Analytics-driven Production Cockpits. Our latest TrendMiner release puts engineers, operators and management in full control of the Smart Factory

Six Sigma is one of the most well known methods to transform whole organizations into a data-driven and continuously improving company.