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You now know that alignment between management, people and technology will help you boost operational efficiency – now it’s time to get started! The experts at TrendMiner will enable you to start quickly and scale fast based on the hundreds of successful use cases built by companies like yours. Our unique onboarding approach trains your key users and proves value within the first months with a staged plan that allows for a continuous return on investment.

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A proven plan of approach

From users, to usage, to global roll-out

At TrendMiner, we have an experienced team of advanced analytics consultants with engineering backgrounds who are prepared to get you started quickly and help you succeed every step of the way. Using a custom, tailored approach, we help you master the three essential building blocks for success: people, management and technology.

The experienced consultants of TrendMiner have a proven plan of approach. From onboarding, to value creation to continuous improvement:

Launch the Software & Assign Key Users

We start by implementing the software and make sure everything works as it should. We collect specific goals, wants and needs in this project. Together, we focus on gaining immediate business value from low hanging fruit. What part of operations might benefit from quick wins?

Following a staged plan of approach, we identify key users: members of your team that will help prove the initial value of TrendMiner software. We set clear milestones and build a tangible use case to show internal stakeholders how we work, and more importantly, what we achieve. Our goal is to return your initial investment as soon as possible, to inspire others and to identify new use cases where TrendMiner can help you make an impact.

Start Small, Celebrate Quick

Harvest low hanging fruit and quickly prove significant business value. This phase is all about ensuring you achieve significant business value by helping you drive further adoption of the software and processes. Guidance of users is key. Together, we constantly encourage users to look for new uses cases and utilize the software in the best way possible.

Our advanced analytics consultants continue to provide tailored assistance with extensive product trainings, one-on-one coaching, hands on support, deep-dives into relevant features, and so on. We stay in constant connection with your subject matter experts and make sure they improve their skills along the way.

While celebrating the quick wins, we also help you identify bigger-picture business values and explore new needs. Initial goals will inevitably change because along the way you gain insights into the actual business value for your industrial plant. The program is constantly evolving with the progress of your key users: when people get more experienced they receive other means of support.

Roll out globally & ensure continuous improvement of operational efficiency

Self-service industrial analytics is a living and dynamic mindset. TrendMiner is set up in a way that can enable you to scale quickly, maximizing the return of investment and ensuring there is a continuous effect on your business value.

Our shared goal is to make analytics available from ‘control room to boardroom’. If you want to achieve roll-out across other plants or even globally – we look for champions in each central team: subject matter expert who are eager to fully master the software, help other users to solve cases, experience successes and shorten the learning curve. Together we create individual success plans where personal KPI’s focused on digitalization are set.

Value right out of the box

Hands on tactical and strategic guidance from numerous best practices

24/7 in-app support from an experienced & dedicated team

Advanced Academy: online and in class training, tailored to your needs

No hidden costs. Benefit from new software releases immediately

“We wouldn’t be where we are today in over-achieving our goals without TrendMiner.”

“Industrial analytics is crucial for optimizing our production process and meeting our organizational objectives.”


“TrendMiner provides us with tremendous time savings and delivers better quality results than data models.”

“Process Engineers, Technologists, Run Engineers or Operators… Thanks to TrendMiner, they can unlock the power of the industrial data for their day-to-day questions.”


“Our experience with TrendMiner is that it is indeed a proven efficiency tool that really adds value.”

“For example, getting the leads to solve a use case through influence factors in the traditional way was a tough task. With TrendMiner’s powerful influence factors capabilities we solved a chemical wash-out problem in only 2 hours, saving over €1.8 million per year.”


Now is the time to get started. Start your pilot today