Building your Smart Factory

Reaching Smart Factory Goals

with Self-service Industrial Analytics

Through pattern recognition and a user-friendly interface, you can use self-service industrial analytics software to leverage time-series data, make analytics-driven decisions and improve operational efficiency. Reach production targets, deliver quality on demand, increase asset reliability and more with a single platform.


Self-service analytics made easy

Industrial analytics software that is truly “self-service” enables users to analyze, monitor and predict process and asset performance themselves by using pattern recognition and machine learning technology. Together with subject matter experts and data scientists, you can build a data-driven organization and reach operational excellence. Overall equipment effectiveness, performance and profitability can be continuously optimized, without the need for complex data modeling.

With the self-service industrial analytics software from TrendMiner, you are able to:

  • Solve previously unsolved issues
  • Verify hypothesis and prove them to be either true or false, so they can be addressed or ruled out for the future
  • Find new ways to improve performance, because data provides new insights.
  • Contextualize asset performance with process data with (predictive) industrial analytics.

It’s based on a high-performance analytics engine for data captured in time series. With it, process engineers and operators can easily search for trends and question their process data directly. What does that look like in practice?


Search root causes, uncover correlations, identify causes of process behaviour and areas for optimization. Receive data-driven insights on process and asset performance.


Guard operational behaviour and prevent repeated production issues. Detect interesting patterns and get notified on time. Capture and share lessons from the past. Avoid abnormal situations and monitor good behaviour.


Apply subject matter expertise to solve potential production issues before they occur. Plan preventive maintenance based on process evolution. Contextualize asset performance with process data.

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Building a Smart Factory can feel quite daunting, especially in the beginning. That’s why at TrendMiner we have a team that’s dedicated to helping you get started, and succeed every step of the way.

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