Customer Success Presentation

Sitech`s Industrial Analytics Journey

Enabling predictive maintenance with industrial analytics

Duration: 60 minutes

Sitech`s Industrial Analytics Journey

Today’s manufacturing facilities depend on experts who can help them find new ways to optimize production processes and increase profitability through analytics insights. In this webinar, Marc Pijpers of Sitech shares 3 real-life use cases that show how Sitech used (predictive) industrial analytics to contextualize asset performance with process data.

This webinar will also cover:

  1. Why traditional model-based analytics were not enough
  2. Why Sitech chose self-service analytics for AspenTech IP21 historian data
  3. How the self-service solution unlocked new insights into process performance
  4. How Sitech solved previously “impossible” cases with ease
  5. And how this helped Sitech’s customers to accelerate their digital transformation.

About Speaker

“We try to get the data analytics skills of the data scientist in the hands of the process engineer, without transforming the process engineer into a data scientist…”

“The more we can do that, the more we can put the data scientists’ time on the most complex cases.”

Marc Pijpers has over 15 years’ experience in the field of process control as well as in designing and implementing basic and advanced process control solutions. Over the last two years, Marc’s activities have extended to analytics, where he is supporting predictive maintenance and operational improvement projects.
A true supporter of the process industries, Marc is an evangelist for helping manufacturers get more from their data.

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