How Santa Is Keeping the Workshop Running From Home

Santa 2020 Remote Work

Kris Kringle returns to talk to us about how he was able to maintain operations and safeguard the health and well-being of his Subject Matter Elves as they adapted to remote work. 

Centuries old Kris Kringle, aka Santa Claus, has seen his share of global events. But when news of how rapidly and severely a new pandemic was spreading, he had to stop and think about what that would mean for his organization at The Workshop should it reach the North Pole – which it inevitably did.

Santa’s Workshop has produced countless gifts, sweets, and treats for the good boys and girls around the world, and he was determined that this year would be no different. The thought of shutting down operations was unthinkable, but Santa also knew that in order to safeguard his health and well-being and that of his team, they would have to change and adapt. So how was he able to do this and maintain his manufacturing production while working remotely?

“Doing data analytics with TrendMiner at home is no different than being at the Workshop. Adding context items through TrendHub and ContextHub gets more information in the hands of the Subject Matter Elves (SMEs) when I can’t be there in person.”

History of Embracing Change

As we reported last year, Santa is not one to let new technologies pass him by – in fact, he created many work methodologies we still use today. People think Henry Ford was the man behind the moving assembly line, but really it was the Man in the Big Red Suit.

When Santa started using TrendMiner over a year ago, he was able to put critical analytical skills and capabilities into the hands of his process and control elves, which enabled them to solve problems on their own and pass the more complicated issues on to the data scientist elves.

They were able to leverage data analytics to make steps towards process optimization thus achieving all their work before Christmas.  Santa also knew, however, that leveraging data analytics wasn’t just about buying new software: the elves needed to adapt to using the software and rethink how they handled data, which they did. They were able to monitor energy consumption, optimize consumables, and reduce energy costs.

From the Workshop to the Home Office

With Wifi and a robust VPN connection, Santa was able to access TrendMiner’s platform Manufacturing Information Systems, as well as, other manufacturing support tools. He quickly learned that a significant proportion of his daily work could be completed remotely.

Santa knew that digitalized factories that use advanced analytics already had its advantages, but he also discovered that they could run with a minimum of on-site personnel letting them monitor production through dashboards and Production Cockpits, solve production issues quickly, maintain assets, and predict maintenance needs. The result was an increased adaptability to the COVID economy to safeguard his team’s health and maintain their industrial manufacturing processes. His analytics-enabled elves could meet new protocols and restrictions in order to keep production running.

Remember Bitsy Cocobee, Head of the North Pole’s Sweet Treats division? She is now a TrendMiner Coach, and she recently spoke with us about how she’s using TrendMiner to maintain productivity in the candy processing plant while operations have pivoted:

We knew that shutting down wasn’t an option, but we also knew we needed to establish protocols to keep everyone safe and healthy. Our process elves were able to work remotely (or at least adhere to work-distancing guidelines) which meant fewer elves were on the plant floor to monitor production. It also allowed us to virtually team up to discuss and solve process issues and share information with other elves wherever they were working. So while elf health security policies were implemented, our continued productions were streamlined and eased.

TrendMiner monitored production, sent alerts when there were deviations, and helped keep communication links solid between everyone, no matter if they were on site or not. And if I wasn’t able to inform every elf about an important process event, I could create a monitor to alert them if it were to happen again.

To be honest, I’d been a little worried about how hard it would be working from home. (I mean, it’s a processing plant, you have to be there, right?) But TrendMiner was a big help in making the transition easy.

Ready for What Comes Next

“After countless years in operation, we thought we’d seen it all. Even a few years ago I don’t think maintaining operations remotely would have been possible,” said Santa. “But thanks to TrendMiner, we made it through this challenging season, and I know that my amazing team of elves can continue to keep our processes running smoothly, whatever comes next.”

Happy Holidays from all of us at TrendMiner

TrendMiner would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday season and a prosperous New Year!

To say it’s been a year of challenges would be putting it lightly, but our Team is here to help keep your operations running at optimal levels. We look forward to working with you in 2021!