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What’s Trending” is specifically designed to bring the most relevant and useful content to Process Engineers and Senior Managers who are responsible for the development, production, maintenance and operational performance of their production facilities. The newsletter will feature everything from customer success videos to third-party articles from Universities, analysts, journalists, institutes and associations.

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Learn how LANXESS has made digitalization a gamechanger for reducing carbon emissions.

Check out Issue #65 here


It’s our 50th issue! Check out this edition of new articles, events, and more. Also, we want to hear from YOU!

Check out Issue #50 here.

Check out news about our latest software release, a McKinsey look at the steel industry, another guest blog post and new upcoming events

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Plus recently published case studies, new event invitations, and free downloads.

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Plus recently new webinar on demands, free podcasts, and news from the SAP world

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Plus the coolest IoT companies, the resiliency of manufacturing, and more!

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Plus a day in the life of a process engineer, two new webinars on demand, and more!

Check out Issue #55 here.

Plus a new IIoT guide, upcoming webinars, and a Shakespeare cameo!

Check out Issue #56 here.

Plus a new IIoT guide, upcoming webinars, and a Shakespeare cameo!

Check out Issue #56 here.

Plus a new technology report, lots of upcoming events, and we sit down with our customer DSM

Check out Issue #57 here

Plus a striking gold, strapping on the boxing gloves, and in person events are making a comeback

Check out Issue #58 here

Plus our top newsletter article from the first half of the year, new presentations on demand, upcoming events, and more!

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Plus how human behavior can affect energy management, leveraging your data, and new upcoming events!

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The connection between baseball and manufacturing, getting your higher education on, and more!

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No issue #62! But check out Issue #63 for great content surrounding IIoT and sustainability!

Check out Issue #63 here

Get some inspiration during time off this holiday season with IIoT podcasts. Plus, a look back at 2021 and ahead in 2022.

Check out Issue #64 here


Pardon the O&G pun 🙂 This issue we bring you insights into what the oil & gas industry can do to benefit from IIoT

Patio weather is creeping in…what better way to spend your time than by catching up on some industry articles? Check out this issue here.

Taking conferences & presentations digital Check out this issue here.

Now more than ever, cost savings and efficient use of resources is essential to staying productive….Read More in this issue Check out this issue here.

If you were running low on new resources, look no further! This issue brings a variety of new content to pass the time. (Also, we won an award!) Check out Issue #36 here.

This issue has everything from history lessons to quizzes to YouTube videos. And an teaser about our upcoming Summer Series!

Check out Issue #37 here.

In this issue: solutions for recovering manufacturers, a new kind of detective is on the case, and sign up for some time-traveling fun.

Check out Issue #38 here.

In this issue: removing the whoops factor, reducing energy costs, and more time-traveling fun!

Check out Issue #39 here.

shutterstock_1059882755Plus plenty of new content like articles, blog posts, webinars to keep you busy this summer.

Check out Issue #40 here.

shutterstock_1079866037Plus advice for worker buy-in, new white papers, and more!

Check out Issue #41 here.

mythPlus advice for STO strategies, introducing new oil & gas white papers, and new FREE events to sign up for

Check out Issue #42 here.

shutterstock_489366043Plus Smart Factory insights, new blog posts, and links for next week’s free oil & gas event

Check out Issue #43 here.

shutterstock_1452520037Plus new articles, blog posts, and updated webinars available on demand.

Check out Issue #44 here.

shutterstock_539642782Plus new articles, events, and industry-specific blog posts for you to enjoy.

Check out Issue #45 here.

halloweendatascientists-01Plus new articles, webinars, and blog posts for you to enjoy this Halloween weekend

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podcast 2Plus new articles, webinars, and some special feature blog posts for you to enjoy!

Check out Issue #47 here.

shutterstock_1702838104 Plus bonus content, new maintenance concepts, a call to vote (not that kind of vote) and some special feature blog posts for you to enjoy!

Check out Issue #48 here.

Happy Holidays from TrendMinerIn this final issue of 2020 we compiled the top resources and articles of the year, as well as some end of year blog posts

Check out Issue #49 here.


It’s the first issue of 2019! This edition brings you a couple of interesting articles, announcements, and a new customer use case to download!

Are IoT & the Food & Beverage Manufacturing industry the new power couple? Possibly! Check out this week’s edition to read more.

This week we bring you some new trend reports, a free downloadable use case, and even a cartoon. Enjoy!

It’s PI World time again! See highlights from last year and what is in store for 2019!

Fresh new content in this issue! Check out new customer presentations, download a free copy of our latest eBook, and enjoy some interesting articles we’re currently reading.

This week we introduce our latest software module, DashHub, share some interesting new reports on OEE maintenance, and have a brand spankin’ new Customer Success Story for you to download – for free!

This week we share some articles on “Augmented Analytics”: Is it adding business value, or just another buzzword? Also check out our latest webinar on demand and customer success stories!

We could probably do an entire of series debating the phrase “data is the new oil”. We’ve certainly all heard it. This issue brings a couple of articles addressing the topic, as well as brand new Customer Success Stories for you to download!

“The vast majority of manufacturers today aren’t set up for, and don’t know how to handle, the amount of data required to drive true digital transformation.”  This week we bring you articles on insights on avoiding the pitfalls of digitalization, we celebrate Software AG’s 50th birthday, and more!

“”Looking at the survey results, it’s hard not to get excited about the potential of the IIoT. Even if you remain skeptical as to how it can benefit your operation, you owe it to yourself to test the waters.”  This week we bring you articles on reasons manufacturers are stoked about IIoT as well as links to more new customer success stories!

In this issue we bring you the articles from the first 20 issues of What’s Trending that got the most attention. Coming in 1st place was “10 smart factory trends to watch in 2019” – a comprehensive guide that was released by the Internet of Business online. Enjoy!

In this issue we bring you new podcasts, tech showcases and webinars. Click through to learn more about the podcast TrendMiner was featured on for POWER magazine!

How is digitalization affecting the water & wastewater industry? And what impacts will Water 4.0 have on other industries? Read on to taker deeper “dive”!


Our first issue brings you info about the changing landscape of IIoT

As we hit the halfway mark of 2018, we’re looking back at market predictions. What has come true?

We take a deeper look into predictive analytics with articles, free webinars and more

Take a deeper look at the impact batch analytics can have on your bottom line and get some free resources as well!

See how a variety of different industries, from food & beverage to marine & dredging, are benefitting from implementing advanced analytics.

A handpicked selection of articles and resources about the impact IIoT can have on process operations and continuous improvement projects.

Are your operations ready for 2019? Here are some great resources to make sure your digital journey is successful.

We’re thankful for the value of connected data!

This issue brings some new free content, as well as information about our new software updates!

In this 10th issue of What’s Trending, we wanted to share a few of the top resources (no login or registration required!) and articles of the year. We look forward to bringing you more great content in 2019!